Apps That Can Earn You Extra Cash

We could all do with a bit of extra money in our pockets, but don’t always know that the phone hidden in them can be your key to extra cash.

There are hundreds of apps around that can provide you with another form of income, even if it is only a matter of £20 per month; it’s better in your pocket than anyone else’s!

Not all online money-making apps/sites are full of scams and with our apps for making money, you’ll definitely be treating yourself to a new piece of tech soon.



Foap is an app similar to Instagram but different in the way that you have the opportunity to sell your photos.

Upload photos straight from your phone and create your own web photography portfolio. With no upload limits, you can share as many images as you like and let people purchase them.

Although it might be a small cost that you are paid per photo, it will soon add up!



One of our favourite money-making apps is Viggle, purely because of how easy it is to use.

Viggle pays you for every TV show, movie and music piece that you listen to; almost all entertainment forms that you use can earn you money!

You can earn points for engaging with different music platforms and exchange them for gift cards and electronics. It’s such a simple way to earn an extra bit of cash – everyone should be using it!

Surveys On The Go

surveys on the go

The standard way to make money has always been surveys; hence why they’re one of the spammiest.

Surveys on the Go is different to the typical ‘money for survey’ approach and the ability to receive a notification when a paid survey is available makes it a dream.

Most surveys take around 3 minutes to complete and each one pays up to $5 – a pretty hefty price tag for such a small amount of work!



For people looking to somehow find the motivation to stick to their healthy eating regime, Pact is a great option.

Pact is an app which rewards you with points for achieving your exercise goals, and the more activities you complete, the more money you’ll get.

You can earn up to $5 per week for simply exercising and logging your activites. Loosing weight and earning extra money has never been easier!

Task 360

task 360 - apps for money

Our favourite app on this list is Task 360.

Task 360 is an app which pays members of the public (us) to complete simple tasks in your local area. Taking photos in a supermarket, confirming street directions, checking billboards are just a handful of the things you’ll need to complete to earn extra cash.

I’ve personally been using this and was paid £4.50 to check the condition of an advert nearby my house and all it meant was stopping off at a few bus stops earlier, taking a photo and sending it off.

The whole thing took 10 minutes at most – £4.50 is a great fee for 10 minutes work!


What is your favourite way to make that little bit more cash?