The Best Health & Fitness Gadgets

Finding the perfect health and fitness gadgets can be hard, especially when there are so many to choose from.

Every activity can benefit from a different type of fitness gadgets and the market for them has boomed in recent years.

With gadgets for everything from tracking your BMI to enabling you to workout at your desk, we’re sure that these fitness gadgets will have you in shape in no time!

Striiv Activity Tracking

striiv pedometer

This personal pedometer is the best way to track your exercise, including activities like stepping, walking and climbing stairs.

The Striiv Activity Tracker is great for casual health and fitness fans that are looking for more detail into the activities that they do.

If you’re thinking that these activity bands are a more expensive version of an iPhone app – you’re wrong! These activity trackers can also monitor your heart rate as well give you extra info on many other health stats.


Nike Fuelband

nike fuel band

The Nike Fuelband is a great way for beginners in fitness to track their progress.

This fitness gadget has motion sensors to track any movements you make and the amount activity you complete can translate into ‘Nike Fuel’. Using these points, you can compare how much activity you do in comparison to the people around you.

The pace and speed you’re walking, the time it takes and how many steps you take all factor in to claiming more ‘Nike Fuel’ points so you can really see a reward for your hard work!


Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband

micoach armband fitness gadget

For music lovers who can’t workout without listening to their favourite songs, the Griffin MiCoach Armband is a great fitness gadget to try out.

This simple concept provides you with an easy way to listen to music and track your activity via a smartphone that doesn’t jump around in your pocket.

Attach your smartphone to the arm band and easily change the song you’re listening to without fumbling around in your pocket. It even has a built-in key holder so there is no need for a bag!


Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

fitbit aria smart scales

The FitBit Aria scales are a great take on the traditional scales you use to weigh yourself.

These Fitbit smart scales are not like the old-fashioned scales that just told you how much you weigh; these self-titled ‘smart scales’ are able to track changes in your weight, BMI and body fat percentage for up to 7 people and are great for people who want to lose weight.


Aftershokz Headphones

aftershockz earphones

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting fitness gadgets on our list are the Aftershokz bone construction headphones.

These wireless headphones have a ‘skull-fit’ design that hook onto the ear and don’t slip off whilst exercising.

The bone construction technology channels music vibrations through your cheekbones into the inner ear. You are still able to hear everything around you which is great for street runners worried about their safety!

The built-in microphone enables you to take calls whilst you’re on the go too, which can help you run home as soon as dinner’s ready!


What is your favourite fitness gadget?