Apple Watch Apps: 5 Essentials

The Apple Watch is a fairly new gadget in the tech world, but there’s no shortage on the amount of games and other apps you can play!

Having your hands full and juggling multiple different items isn’t the ideal time for grabbing your phone out of a back pocket; the Apple Watch can take away that stress for you.

Here are 5 essential apps that we reckon every Apple Watch should have:

Google Maps


What would a gadget be without some sort of GPS tracking?

Unlike your phone where you need to put in some sort of effort to view the screen (not to mention all of the troubles that come with holding your phone whilst walking in the rain, aimlessly trying to find your end destination!), the Apple Watch gives a practical way to show your map.

Due to your wrist being one of the easiest places to look at whilst you’re driving, the Google Maps app for an Apple Watch is a true essential for anyone travelling to a new place, or just with a tendency to get lost!

CARROT Weather

Forget the standard weather app that comes as standard with the Apple Watch.

apple watch apps

The CARROT Weather app has an interesting interface that is easily viewed in any environment, regardless of the amount of light in the space.

This Apple Watch app will tell you if it’s likely to rain within the next few hours and the colour of the graphics corresponds to the weather outside. Yellow means it’s sunny, and blue means an umbrella will be needed at some point throughout the day!


Stuck outside your office and can’t remember for the life of you what the password is to unlock the door? That’s where 1Password can come in handy!

1Password is the best app for storing your passwords and there’s no need to worry about security issues. When you take off the Apple Watch, it automatically locks to avoid the chances of them snatching and viewing your passcodes.

This app is so great as it’s so functional. Got your hands full and can’t manage to grab your phone out of your back pocket? No problem! Because it’s worn on your wrist, you’ll only need one hand to view the password you’re looking for.


Wanting to track the food you eat but don’t have time to painstakingly search through individual foods when logging your meal?

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Lifesum is a great app that allows you to simply (and quickly!) log your meal, giving extra help when you regularly eat the same food or similar amount of calories.

It’s a super-easy way to keep tabs on the food you’re eating and although it’s only half of your journey to loosing weight and/or living a healthier lifestyle, it’s definitely a great app to have!


Although the Apple Watch can act as a remote control for your phone’s camera, there are a few bonus features that can be used with the Procamera app.

The remote trigger, photo preview, timer and external viewfinder preview can help to create an easier process for using your iPhone for photography matters!

We’re always on the lookout for apps to try. Any recommendations?