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Are Virtual Desktops Going Through A Renaissance?

More and more companies are utilizing the virtual desktop infrastructure. There are various arguments for and against the use of VD’s as investing heavily into a server, which controls all the data in your business can be risky. However, virtual desktops are now expanding across businesses everywhere, so what has brought on this renaissance?

Everything Is Branded with The Same Image

One of the most beneficial factors of a VDI is that all desktops have the same consistent image throughout the whole system. All your applications and files will be the same, updating and consistently being backed up. This will help reduce costs such as administration and support.

Financial Benefit

Some people may believe that working with individual desktops can save you money, however virtual desktops can help your business strip back extra costs on new hardware. With everything being stored on a server, there is no need for the investment into new hardware devices, potentially leaving businesses investing too heavily, or not enough.

virtual desktops

It also also staff to work with flexibility and off of their own devices, rather than company based ones in which they’ll have to become comfortable with. This shows how machines can be replaced in minutes rather than hours.

No Need To Cater To Individual Desktops

There is nothing more frustrating than having to pinpoint individual errors on individual machines. Virtual desktops will help you highlight the overall problem, making it easier to troubleshoot any problems.

Only having to work out on one machine can help save time and money. Virtual desktops can also benefit businesses in terms of overall memory allocation, allowing flexibility for administrators to adjust files, or data on the main servers.


In the age of hackers it can be worrying to think that all information and files are stored on a main server. However, with virtual desktops there is an extra layer of protection, with 24-hour protection. Servers are consistently monitored in order to check if there are any problems and also making them easier to resolve. Virtual desktops offer a huge sense of security.


Post written by Roman Winter: An aspiring freelance writer with a passion for technology, sports and fashion.