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5 iPhone Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

iPhones are like the Kim K of the technology world – everyone and everything has heard of them.

However there are a few things that your phone can do which you probably didn’t know about; let’s call them iPhone secrets. These iPhone secrets are built in your phone so deep that you’ll probably never stumble upon them, but they’re great to know!

So, here are our favourite iPhone secrets:

Create a custom ringtone

When I got my first ever iPhone, it was hard to make the transition from my custom ringtones to the standard ones that Apple supply (although I was 13 years old and the transition from Justin Bieber to Marimba was probably a good one).

However, if you’re looking to get something that is truly unique, download the GarageBand app and start creating your own 30-second track to be used as a ringtone.  Choose the share option, press ringtone and assign it to a contact/notification.

Custom vibrations

Got your phone on silent in your pocket but still want to be notified when someone’s ringing you? Create your own custom vibration!

Your iPhone has this secret feature where you can create a custom vibration so that you can know who’s ringing you – even when your phone is ringing silent in your pocket.

To set up custom vibrations, head to your contacts list, select a contact and hit ‘edit’. Scroll down and you’ll see ‘Vibration’ – click ‘default’ and scroll down to create a custom pattern.

Tap on your screen to create your own rhythm; once you’ve saved, you’ll be able to pick up on vibrations to see who’s calling you!

iphone secrets

Do Not Disturb… Minus My Friend

We all know that your iPhone has a Do Not Disturb mode, but did you know that you can have a ‘Do No Disturb Unless You’re …’ mode?

Perfect for if you’re wanting to take a sleep but waiting for an important text/phone call, this mode can be set up by adding the contact to your Favourites list, then selecting ‘favourites’ when you head to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From.

Flash for a message

Maybe the title of this one is a bit misleading, but it’s true that you can make your iPhone’s flash feature flash when you get a message.

Head to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ beneath the Hearing section to turn this on.

Although the practicality of it isn’t really the best (I can’t seem to get my head around why you would EVER need this), it’s still handy to know!

Photo AND video?!

Ever been in such an amazing situation where you find yourself wishing you could take a photo AND video at the same time?! With your iPhone, you can!

When you’re recording video on the iPhone camera, tapping the small camera icon beneath the record button will allow you to take a photo whilst your video is still being made. The video itself will be of slightly less quality, but it’s still amazing to have two different memories of the same event!

Are there any iPhone secrets that we’re missing? Let us know!