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Five of the Best Fitness Trackers

The current market in the UK for fitness trackers has become very busy over the last few years, so it can be tough to pick the one that’s right for you.

We’ve picked our top five favourites and have reviewed them in the post to try to make your decision a little bit easier.

Microsoft Band 2 – £199.00

We begin our review with the most expensive tracker on our list. Even though this gadget comes in at almost £200, it does seem to have it all. The Microsoft Band 2 is an activity tracker, a smartwatch, a sleep and GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor.

The band itself is built to last, and is secure on your wrist. It has a slightly curved display, giving you a bright and easily accessible touch screen. The battery boasts a full 48 hours of use in between charges, and syncs with your smart phone easily via Bluetooth.

Overall this tracker definitely gives you value for money, and the sensors and features available are some of the best for a product of this price.

Fitbit Charge HR – £119.00

As the other Fitbit’s available, the Charge HR measures motion patterns to calculate your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and even how many minutes a day you’ve been active. Unlike the Fitbit Charge, the HR comes with a new heart rate monitor, which increases the accuracy of your workout performance.

The wristband is very comfortable, coming in both a large and small size, and is made of a rubber material, protecting the tracker from slipping off your wrist or becoming ruined by sweat. The battery lasts around three days in between each charge, but this will obviously vary depending on intensity of use.

On the whole, the Fitbit Charge HR is definitely a great choice for both new and intermediate fitness lovers. The tracker offers its user real-time stats straight to your wrist, and the heart rate tracker is a great addition.

Urban runner woman reading wearable fitness tracker device

Jawbone UP2 – £89.00

Jawbone is frequently regarded as the brand of all fitness trackers. It’s already released numerous gadgets, and the Jawbone UP2 is one of the newest editions.

Jawbone rejects the on device display design, instead choosing to display your data on your smart phone app and LEDs for its basic functions. The UP2 includes a sleep monitor, food tracker and an activity tracker – measuring steps and calorie burn. All of this information is displayed via the smart phone app.

Unlike its display prominent competition, the battery life on the UP2 is superior, offering seven or eight days in between charges. The band itself is comfortable and looks like an accessory, rather than a fitness tracker. The only drawback, according to some tracker enthusiasts, is its lack of GPS.

Moov Now – £59.99

At a cool £59.99, the Moov now is definitely an affordable option. The main opinion about this tracker is that it looks ugly. While this is true, the design makes the gadget very comfortable to wear and after all, isn’t that more important than looks?

The tracker pairs with an iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth and the app is very well designed. While the Moov doesn’t track your steps, it does track your active minutes, giving you a daily goal of 30 minutes to meet.

The Moov also tracks your sleep, and more importantly, acts as a personal fitness coach. The app provides you with a “get toned in under 10 minutes” workout, with different moves to keep your workouts mixed up.

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker – £49.95

The Misfit Flash is another activity tracker than shuns the digital display in favour for LEDs. These lights can be used to track your progress as well as the time, which is a great little feature. Another great feature of this gadget is that it’s fully waterproof, even if you’re diving up to 96 feet down, a feature that the other trackers on this list can’t offer.

The Flash can track your steps, miles travelled and sleep. It works best when tracking walking, jogging and running, but it does have the capability to track swimming, cycling and football.

Overall, as the cheapest tracker on our list, the Flash has a decent set of features, and a simple app to report on your activity. This is a great first tracker for the beginner.

So that’s our list of the UK’s best fitness trackers. Hopefully you can make a more informed decision about which gadget is best for you.