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5 Podcasts to Cure Boredom

Wherever you are – on your morning commute, eating lunch or travelling half way across the world – you’re probably going to get bored of thinking.

Forget the need to have constant internet access to check your friend’s Facebook feed and get rid of the heavy books that can hurt when carrying them around in your bag all day. Podcasts have the ability to kill hours of time that would be otherwise spent wishing your life away.

They’re ideal for listening to whilst you’re doing the most mundane of tasks to fill an empty mind. Let’s face it, there aren’t many better things in life than a working mind!

We share some of our favourite podcasts that are guaranteed to cure your boredom:

1. Serial

Admittedly, I’m late to the Serial party. I started listening to the podcast around a week ago and I’ve already powered through nine of the 45-minute episodes.

Serial is a true-crime podcast that features one plot each season. They discuss the characters, situation surrounding the crime and where we are now. Season 1 is all about the murder of Hae Min Lee and explaining why her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was jailed for her murder.

As gloomy as it sounds, Serial makes for excellent listening. You’ll spend hours thinking “he definitely did it” followed by moments of “wait, he couldn’t have”. It’s really a podcast to get you thinking.

2. Mystery Hour

Mystery Hour was my first port of call when I first realised that podcasts were a great solution for curing boredom.

Hosted by LBC and James O’Brien, Mystery Hour does what it says on the tin – talking about mysteries and trying to get them solved. But it’s not as serious as Serial. In fact, they discuss everything from wasp migration to why we say things to way we do.

Some of my greatest quiz-knowledge has come from listening to this podcast and allows your mind to be filled with facts you’ll only need to know in a trivia game.

3. Black List Table Reads

Every year, aspiring film makers flock to Hollywood dreaming of stardom. Sadly, many dreams are cut and thousands of potential movies are scrapped. Black List Table Reads take these screenplays and act them out through the podcast, turning them into movies just for your ears.

Each month shows a new script that is brought to life by talented actors/comedians, allowing movie fans to hear the script before it gets picked up before becoming a blockbuster sell-out.

4. Another Round

Hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, Another Round is one of the funniest podcasts I have listened to in a while.

The basis of Another Round is that the hosts talk about any hot topic (ranging from Drake to Tinder), all whilst having a drink. As the consumption of alcohol progresses and the hosts become more and more intoxicated, it becomes clear that both Tracy and Heben are comedy geniuses.

This is the ideal podcast for anyone feeling a bit ‘left out’. Stuck in on a lonely night? Put this show on and you’ll feel like you’re catching up with some old friends.


We’ve spent hours listening to various podcasts in order for us to pick out the best, but today we’re handing it over to you. What is your favourite podcast and why? We’d love to know!