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Improving Your Life With Apps

A phone or tablet can be a huge benefit to your life. They give you access to numerous features that we are all starting to need more and more. Simply being able to call or text someone at any time is now taken for granted.

Being able to access the internet wherever we are to checks emails, look something up or whatever is invaluable. We can book tickets, order food, purchase any item and all with just a few button presses on a device. Having the right apps is essential and they can be vastly beneficial to your life.

If you’re looking for some life changing apps, read on.

Apps related to food can come in a number of ways. Whether it’s to buy it, order it, tell you where you can eat, what to eat or whatever, your phone can make sure you’re never hungry.

You can also use an app to help you make food. No matter if you’re a novice who’s best recipe is toast or you’re a keen cook who wants to try something new, there are a plenty of apps to help. BigOven is one of these and boasts over 350,000 recipes so there’ll always be something new to try.

It also provides menu planners, a shopping list, a leftovers feature, Q&As, notifications and more. The app is free but also has in app purchases. Yummly is another great cooking app that is best known for is search function, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

It lets you easily save recipes, has an extensive shopping list function and recommendations based on your usage. The app is free.

Keeping fit is important but it can be tough. There are many exercises, diets and things to do that you don’t know where to start or you struggle to stay on top of things. Fitocracy can help you with this.

This free app allows you to tailor it’s settings to the users fitness and ability to give customised exercise plans and support that’s right for you. It’s like a mini personal trainer you can take with you wherever you go. There’s a community feature and you can use the fitness games to make things more fun.

If you’re more one to follow sport that compete in it, there’s an app for that too. ESPN UK is a free app that gives you all the latest news on updates. It covers a huge range of sports and teams so whatever you’re a fan of, you can keep up to date with every bit of news, the fixtures and all the results. You choose what you want to follow and it will provide the news directly to you. It also draws relevant news from social media so you’re always in the know.

Your phone isn’t just about staying healthy, as it can keep your entertained too. There are plenty of games out there that can keep you amused for hours on end. You can keep your brain active though with Sleep Furiously.

It’s a puzzle game in which you have to take words from a grid to form coherent and grammatically correct sentences while trying to make them as long as possible. It’s simple, addictive and can help improve your writing ability.

If you want a tense, strategic challenge, then Coral offer online poker that you can play anywhere on your phone or tablet. The free app enables you to play against the computer or real players from all over the world. There are various rule sets and types, so you can find something just right for you or try different versions to keep things interesting.

Their online poker can be played for free but real money bets can be made to make the games more authentic and challenging, upping the risk and excitement.

These apps can be fun and life changing, so whether it’s online poker, cooking, fitness, or whatever, your device is there for you.