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Casino Security Changing with New Technology

Many casino operators around the world are still relying on old fashioned surveillance systems like CCTV to track any fraudulent activities occurring in their casinos.

This has led to many reputable casino operators turning to online forms. Online casinos such as William Hill UK have had years of experience as a land-based sportsbook, but have now made the shift to online by offering a sportsbook and a casino to players.

However, there is now new video surveillance technology that is playing a vital role in the gaming industry. This new technology has made it possible for casinos to enhance their security systems.

New casino security and surveillance systems are a step forward to help in the detection of fraud, but they do offer other benefits that fall outside of their intended purpose.

These benefits include data analysis so that operations of the casino can be improved, they are able to study the behavior of players and also monitor the training of new employees.

Modern casino operators are now using modern technology that aid in surveillance. Here is a look at the top casino surveillance technologies.

License Plate Readers

Out of all the new technology surveillance systems, this is the most basic one, but it is also effective technology. Casinos are able to detect any cheaters by their cars and are able to stop them before they even enter the casino property.

License plate readers are simple in design. A camera will capture snapshots of all the vehicles that are entering the premises and through the use of special optical character recognition software, the letters and numbers are converted into text.

The car plate is then run through a comparison with ones that are marked as undesirable in the database. If there is a match, then security is alerted.

However, cheaters are able to use another vehicle or hire a car and the system won’t be able to pick this up.

Face Recognition

Video surveillance has improved a lot and they are now able to recognize faces. A biometric face recognition is used and human faces are scanned by a camera as they enter into the casino.

The system that is used in this technology will automatically detect human faces, takes a snapshot and then instantly analyses the snapshots and see if there are any matches for undesirables that are already in the database.

The software will then inform security so that they are able to take the necessary actions.

Angel Eye Technology

There are times where a cheater will be able to disguise themselves and this way they are able to get past the biometric system. However, this is where Angel Eye technology comes into play.

The aim of Angel Eye is to address the issue of card switching. The technology uses bar codes, which are printed on each card with invisible ink.

The cards are then tracked from the moment the dealer deals the cards and all the information it collects is sent to a connected computer.

Once the cards at the table are revealed, the dealer will just need to press a button, which will then show the result that the computer has processed.

If the result shown on the table is not the same as the result the computer got, then security is alerted to the irregularity.

RFID Technology

The last line of defense against casino cheaters is chips. The coins at a casino have become technological advanced as they are fitted with RFID chips, which are embedded within the coin.

Unique serial identifiers are assigned to the chips, which can then be read over radio frequencies. The RFID reading equipment is only able to read real chips and the fake ones are easily phased out.

With the advances of technology in casinos, fraudulent activities can be stopped in their tracks; however, there are always those that find ways around such technology. As this happens casino security technology will improve and evolve to beat this.

There is so much technology available right now that it can be hard to keep track of it all. We have access to apps, wearable technology, mobile devices and more.