Review: Red 5 Vizor VR Glasses Pro

VR has grown into a huge industry over the past year, with a massive variety of products — from the £500+ Oculus Rift to the £50 Samsung Gear VR attracting lots of attention and selling in big volumes.

One less well-known VR headset that we’re fond of is the Red 5 Vizor VR Glasses Pro. Priced at £29.99, it costs about half as much as the Samsung Gear VR and supports a huge range of devices, from Android smartphones to Apple and Windows phones.

The Vizor PRO is the latest VR headset from Red 5. We tested it using an Android device and found that it’s a refreshingly good quality VR headset that outperforms other devices and offers a huge amount of value for its low retail price.

Using these VR glasses is simple. The front panel opens to accommodate most smartphones, including devices up to 15x8cm in size. Our Galaxy S7 fit inside very easily; we suspect it’s no problem to fit an iPhone 7 or similar-sized Windows phone inside.

The fit of the Vizor Pro glasses is comfortable. These glasses have a padded eye mask to keep your face comfortable and avoid leaving a red outline around your eyes. The head strap is easy to adjust for comfort, meaning they’ll fit grown adults and children equally well.

For gaming, you’ll want to pair these with the Vizor Remote Control, which gives you more than enough buttons for most mobile games and an excellent precision joystick.

If you’re an Android, Apple or Microsoft smartphone owner and want to get into the world of VR without spending a fortune on a headset from one of the big brands, the Vizor Pro Glasses are a great low-cost alternative that deliver all of the fun of VR without the usual price tag.