Organize your time: work, study and have fun

Sara Lopez, 19 years old, who is currently living in Denmark, where she attends university and works part time at Trendhim –  a Danish men’s accessories company such as lapel pins, men leather bracelets or earrings for men –  gives us some advice on how to organize our time to do everything we like.

In early August 2016 I moved to Denmark to start my university degree, as a result, I found a flexible job as head of the Spanish marketing department for a Danish men’s jewelry company. I usually work three days a week, approximately 14 hours a week.

It has always been thought that studying and working at the same time in university is unfeasible, because how can you combine these two things along with your free time? Very simple, everything is based on organizing and distributing your time correctly.

First of all, we have to differentiate our time for studying and working with our leisure time. Generally university lectures are held in the morning. During lecture hours it is important to pay the utmost attention in order to avoid having to review later on the material thought in the morning. In this way we will have more time to carry out other activities.

When lectures are over for many it is time to start working. When looking for a student job it is important to take into account the schedule, so that we do not have to skip class. This is the main key, the less class we have to skip, the better we will do in college and less time we will have to invest after work in studying what we have missed in class. And let’s face it, after going to college and working our brains the last thing our brains want to do is studying.

Therefore, one of the keys to avoid being tired and to perform as much as possible, is to maintain a balanced diet. In that way we will keep the day with optimism, motivation and energy.

Now you should be thinking: If I am a university student and at the same time I have a part time job, do I have free time? Of course! Maybe not as much as all of those who do not work, but you will always have some spare time in your hands.

Generally during the week there is not much free time, but as soon as is Friday we deserve a break! It’s time to do everything we were hoping to do during the week, like hanging out with friends, gather with our family, or just relaxing at home.

Time has an incredible value. For this reason, if we take advantage of it we can do everything. The key is to spread the time in hours of work, university and free time. If we are well organized we can maintain a healthy life.

We hope that by following these small guidelines you can organize your time more effectively!