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If you had a superhero workforce who would be in it?

Okay, so this is a serious question; who would you choose to be in your Superhero workforce? Yes, we do realise that superheroes aren’t real – but for arguments sake let’s say they are (because they are).

Anyway, would you hire Spiderman for his super-spidey sense and fast-paced reactions? We would! As long as it were in his contract that he never left trails of spider-webs hanging around. Could you imagine walking into one every *pause for effect* single * day?

Nick Fury – Directory

Our Director would be Nick Fury for obvious reasons, such as that he founded the Avengers and clearly has the required leadership skills. Not to mention his strong character which would be needed at stressful times.

Hawk Eye Supervisor

Hawk Eye would be our Supervisor because of his, well, his ‘eye’ for detail. See what we did there? He was practically made for looking over the rest of the workforce.

Professor X – Marketing

Why? Because he can get into the minds of potential customers. Not to mention he’s incredibly smart, which is always useful.

Captain America – General manager

Along with Captain America’s outstanding leadership skills, he is also a great planner. Just think of how many times he saved the day with his military planning skills.

If we were unlucky enough to not have Captain America at hand, we would use PeopleVox WMS. It’s basically Captain America in a computer software system!

Wolverine – Customer service

Wolverine is a very kind superhero, even if he looks a bit scary – he’s a softy really. Which is exactly why he’d be perfect on the phones. Customers would hear his calming voice, without physically seeing his strong hair-do and more importantly, his claws would never be seen, even if he ever got annoyed.

Iron man – Operations director

Clearly, Iron man has got the highest money-drive out there and he knows how to use this to his advantage. He isn’t afraid of taking risks for high awards and has the intellect to effectively run any transactions.

Spiderman – Box packer

Getting back to our point originally – Spiderman has the fastest reaction time and has crazy acrobatic skills. There’s no doubt that he would be the fastest box packer!

Ant man – Quality control

Ant man is perfectly fitted for checking every little detail – quite literally.

Hulk – Fork lift

He wouldn’t be there to work on the forklift, he would be the forklift. I think there’s no more needed to say for this!

Groot & rocket – Cherry picker

The duo sent to achieve brilliant heights! Groot would be there to do all the manual work, while Rocket would give all the answers as to what to do. Together they’re the brains and the muscle. Perfect.

Do you agree with us? It would be great to hear your opinions, preferably before we hire for our Superhero workforce…