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Review: How to Create Forms using JotForm’s New ‘Cards’ Feature

As technology lovers, we’re always looking for new ways to utilize software to help our daily lives.

If you’re a blogger, you might want to find a tool that’ll help you collect information about your readers. If you’re a general gaming enthusiast, you might want to discover a tool that’ll collect data from your sources. Let’s face it – getting your hopes up for a new Xbox launch that isn’t backed by other sources is likely to end in tears.

Whatever type of data you’re looking to find (or collect), I’m sure that JotForm’s latest feature will be right up your street!

I’ve been using the Cards tool for the past few weeks here on Mozbot, while trying to collect more information about our readers – including you! One of our aims for this year is to plough more effort and content into the blog. But, in order to do that, we need a bit of background knowledge to help us create a strategy that suits you.

Wanna find out my opinion on JotForm’s new feature, and see if it could be for you?

What is JotForm?

The team at JotForm created a form-building tool that helps people to collect information. Although they’ve been offering a product that allows people to easily create online forms since 2006, I was really excited about their Cards offering.

JotForm have a simple drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create custom online forms, and collect information – without a single line of code needed… Bonus!

Once signed up, you have the choice of choosing from a Blank Form, Template or Custom Form. I thought these selections were awesome. You can either:

  • Create your own form from scratch
  • Work from a tried-and-tested template with pre-filled suggestions to gain information
  • Import your own form and beautify it using the software

Plus, if you’re using the software in addition to other programs, you can even integrate JotForm. So, if you’re a PayPal, Stripe, Salesforce, Dropbox or Mailchimp fan, you can make sure that your forms are completely functional.

For my Mozbot trial, I used the Template option. Running a blog takes tonnes of time and unfortunately, I don’t have tonnes of spare time to create a reader survey.

That’s why I loved the  JotForm Cards feature so much – it didn’t take any longer than 15 minutes to set-up my survey and start collecting information.

As for the templates themselves, I was pleasantly surprised with how many there were to choose from! Plus, you can browse the templates by Industry and Form Type, which allowed me to quickly find a template that was suitable for my needs.

What can I create with it?

JotForm allow you to collect so much information. Instead of only being able to use basic forms like Name, Email Address and Phone Number, I could choose from hundreds of widgets, including:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Payment integrations
  • File uploads
  • Star ratings
  • Signature collection
  • Calendars for date selection

…And, with their new Cards feature, they have tonnes of new features that allow you to collect even more information. Plus the option to show one ‘Card’ (or question) at a time, which makes them look even better on your website.

Because there were so many fields and integrations for me to use, I could use the Cards software for:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys (using the “Star Ratings” field)
  • Taking online bookings (using PayPal integration)
  • Guest blog submissions (using the “Long Text” field)

What’s different about JotForm?

I know, you’re probably saying, “Elise – what’s the difference between this software and the others I can choose from?”. I was apprehensive before trying another software, too.

JotForm’s Cards are different to the rest. Here’s why:

It’s fun

You know the feeling of boredom you get when filling out a survey online? Your customers, or the people you’re collecting information from, will probably feel the same when they complete yours.

However, you don’t have to give that feeling with JotForm. That’s because they make surveys (or data entry) fun for your people. Emojis, smileys and other icons liven-up the experience, giving you a better chance of getting actual, meaningful and non-rushed information from your people.

It’s less distracting for your audience

I don’t know about you, but if I open-up a survey with ten questions squished onto a single page, I zone out. Your  audience is the same: busy, and may be less focused if they’re confronted with so much content on their first page.

Unlike the Classic forms feature where all fields are on one page, JotForm Cards layout only uses one. A single question is displayed per page, which makes it easy for your audience to focus and fill out.

I mean, how much better is that, as opposed to a boring page that’s full of text?

It’s more accurate for you

Traditional  forms run the risk of potentially boring your audience If people feel bored or unfocused, that could lead to one thing that defeats the entire point of your survey: inaccurate results.

Because the Cards feature only shows one question and uses fun emojis to engage your surveyee, they’re likely to put more time – and thought – into their answers. That means you’ll yield more accurate information, and avoid entries that are filled just to pass the time!

Plus, JotForm Cards gives feedback to your users when they’re completing the survey. Micro animations and suggestions for improvement help to prevent people from making mistakes, meaning increased accuracy in your collected data.

It’s easy to embed

Creating an online form is all fun and games until it comes to actually sending that form to your customers. That’s where JotForm Cards come into play.

The question pages automatically adapt to a user’s page, and can adjust to your website. Colours, fonts and styles will be altered to fit your brand, meaning that it’s easy (and pretty!)  to embed on your site.


So, if you’re looking for an online form that’ll help you collect information without boring your customers, I definitely recommend JotForm Cards.

Remember that Cards is a new addition to the JotForm software (and exists alongside their initial Classic Forms). But, whichever option you go for, I’m sure that you – and your audience  – will love creating and answering surveys with JotForm.

Sign up for free and start creating your own forms here!