How to Ace Your Choice of Online Casino

When you decide to dip your toes into the world of online casinos it can be hard to decide precisely which one to choose. For a start, there are so many to choose from these days and you can’t join them all. But there are certain things you can check out right from the start that will at least help you make up your mind. Then, when you’ve whittled it down to a shortlist, you’ll find it much easier to make your final choice. So here are five areas to examine before you take the plunge.

How good are the bonuses?

With so many online casinos all vying for new players, all know that they’re going to have to offer some pretty attractive incentives to get them in. Casino offers and promotions come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common of these are free bets or a specified number of free spins on their slots games. Another very popular offer is to match your stake up to a certain limit – although on the free money sorts of promotions there’s generally a so-called “wagering requirement” which is an amount that you need to deposit before you can claim them. This differs on various sites so it’s well worth spending a little time looking at the small print.

What games are on offer?

Obviously, what you’re really interested in is just how good the games are once you get on the site. If you’re a slots fan then you’ll want to see plenty of choice and if roulette and blackjack are more your thing then having a number of variations of these will be important.

More and more people are also turning to the “live casino” experience for their fun. This is how online casinos try to replicate the real casino experience as closely as possible by streaming the action, in real-time, to players. So make sure you check out if this is also available.

What are the payment options?

You’ll also probably want to look into the different payment options that are available, especially as from April credit cards will no longer be permitted for use on sites. All will accept major debit cards but you might also want to check whether e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill are also welcome.

Is it fully licensed?

The sheer number of online casinos out there also means that some might not be 100% legitimate. However, there’s an easy way to check that the one you’re thinking of playing on is. The UK Gambling Commission has a register that you can search to ensure that they are fully licensed.

Has it been well-reviewed?

Finally, have a look around online to see what other players have said about a site. After all, word of mouth has always been the best form of recommendation.

So, hopefully, these few tips will send you off in the right direction and before long you’ll be registering and playing at the perfect online casino for you.