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4 Reasons To Consider Upgrading Your PostgreSQL Database

In an effort to maintain their competitive edge, modern businesses of all types are looking for ways to be more dynamic and flexible. One of the most important things to do is add the features and user interface their customers and clients and potential customers expect. While it is very obvious to begin with the appearances and layout, it is far more important to improve the underlying frameworks that support the changes.

In our example today, we will talk about the importance of upgrading the popular open-source database management system, PostgreSQL. As the essential framework with the responsibility of managing all backend tasks, PostgreSQL is very important. The frontend interface may see a lot of attention, re-evaluations and redesign to best suit the needs of the industry. But, most people are loath to address the needs of the database structure as this can turn out to be a very difficult and costly project. It also requires plenty of testing to ensure that all applications remain online after the changes have been implemented. 

Nevertheless, it is imperative that businesses consider the advantages of upgrading their PostgreSQL very carefully. So, what are the reasons this upgrade is even needed? 

  1. Advanced Features To Meet Current Needs

One of the most important reasons to consider an upgrade is to take advantage of the wide selection of advanced features. This reason alone is worth taking on the monumental task of making this upgrade. With each new version this platform gains functionality and versatility that improves the user experience for customers and developers. 

One example is the partitioning table available in all versions of PostgreSQL past Version 12. This was found far more effective and easy to use than previous versions. This is just one example of the many new features that allow your developers to improve user experience. 

  1. Performance And Compliance Issues

There are some important rules and guidelines that ensure the safety of operations within certain organizations and large businesses. Applications with embedded databases also have rules that must be followed. This makes compliance another very important reason to invest in these upgrades. This makes it easier to ensure that all deployments keep up with company policy. 

Better adherence to company policy will improve the performance from one version of PostgreSQL to the next. As performance is facilitated work productivity is also improved and this can help your company be more efficient and profitable. 

  1. Community Support And Solutions To Known Problems

One of the very best things about using open source community applications, like PostgreSQL, is the access you have to experience and knowledge of the many other users across the globe. Furthermore, you will save extensive cash that would otherwise be paid on software licenses.

Open source code is the culmination of the work of many programmers and professionals combining their perspectives and efforts to create something that will be fundamentally useful. If you were to pay for this type of software from a mainstream software development company, the costs would be astronomical. Of course, you will have to forgo the benefit and support of a third party software such as EDB Postgres. Although you can expect a limited amount of support from the community that produced the software. 

This will include announcements, patches, and bug fixes as they are created. Of course, at some point the version you are using will become dated and updates and upgrades will no longer be available or possible. For example, PostgreSQL reached the end of its life in February 2020. Upgrading is the best way to protect yourself from the vulnerabilities that come from using older versions.

  1. Data Security

Last but not least, leaving your digital assets protected by dated administration systems and software leaves it exposed to the ever-present threat of cyber criminals. A Database can contain a great deal of valuable digital assets, personal information and confidential documents. 

There have been a long list of reported attacks by cyber criminals in which extensive amounts of digital information in the form of confidential documents and files with personal data have been carried away. 

This is what happens when databases are not properly upgraded to match the threats of the moment. If you are looking to protect your data and digital assets from falling into the hands of cyber criminals, upgrades are essential. You may find that a timely upgrade can protect you from losing a great amount of money in lawsuits. 

Final Thoughts on the Need For Upgrading Your PostgreSQL Database

In the end, the task of making this upgrade is not essentially easy, but it is highly important. By taking timely action to upgrade your PostgreSQL database you can protect information from cyber-attacks, improve your customer experience and keep your systems within proper company policies.