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Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE: which is the better budget phone for business?

When it comes to choosing smartphones for business, we feel that the big dilemma can be deciding between an android or an iOS operating system. To make it easier for you, we have narrowed it down to two possible budget phones and have presented you with a simple pros and cons list for you to explore.

Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is a Google phone known for its friendly and slim design, powerful camera and affordability.


  • For its affordable price, the phone has an immaculate camera quality. Whether you often use video conferencing or if your work requires you to take high quality pictures, this feature will come in extra useful.
  • Another key feature is a long battery life. Travelling around or video conferencing can drain the battery very quickly. However, this phone can last you a long time in comparison to other android devices.
  • This phone is known for its ease of use. The aesthetic, slim design makes this one-handed design easy to use.
  • Pixel 4a comes with a 128GB of storage, useful for storing substantial amounts of data all in one device.


  • Pixel 4a however, does not currently have a 5g upgrade and therefore this is one of the drawbacks in this device.
  • There is also no option for wireless charging yet, which other phones have already got, such as Samsung S8.
  • It can be classed as a cheaper-feeling design as opposed to an iPhone, lacking a premium finish.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is an IOS device, known for its all-round compact design and features.


  • Its design is thin and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket or efficiently store it in your bag.
  • It is one of the cheapest phones amongst iPhones, making it budget friendly if that is one of your key criteria.
  • It has a bright and high-contrast screen allowing you to see the display clearly in bright environments.
  • Wireless charging is a feature that this device holds as opposed to the Pixel 4a.


  • Its battery capacity is known to be less inspiring than other alternatives, therefore something to consider before choosing.
  • Unlike other iPhones, it does not have a night mode camera which can come in very useful depending on the nature of your work.
  • This phone does not have a headphone jack, which is now common for most new iPhones. Therefore, it’s something to note when deciding between the two devices.

In summary, it depends what specific requirements you personally require for your work. As well as having the correct device to use for different types of communications, it’s important to feel like you can use it to easily collaborate with fellow colleagues and customers.

In the world of business, we think that this is great for enhancing your communications. Whichever device you choose, a unified communications solution allows you to instantly collaborate with your team and switch between different platforms in a seamless manner.

So, which is the better phone for your business? Well, that depends on matters we’ve expressed above. Whatever phone you decide to choose, please remember that it’s how you use it that truly matters.