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MacAndro Introduces Advanced Food Delivery App with premium Features

MacAndro has introduced an advanced Food Delivery App integrated with the premium features which is ready to go market. Being the most reputed and mobile app development company, MacAndro provides customized Food Delivery app development services to enrich your food business.

Online food delivery sector witnessed a significant rise over the past five years. Especially in this pandemic period, several food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats has given upgrade to a huge number of on-demand startups in the food delivery vertical. Well the best thing in these food delivery apps are they plays a dual role. It functions as delivery application as well as restaurant finder. These applications maintains its own logistics network including drivers.

Food Delivery Market Growth with Future Predictions:

According to a report, food delivery sector is anticipated to extend from $107.44 billion (in 2019) to $111.32 during 2020. Furthermore, the market is expected to to grow and outstretch up to $154.34 billion at CAGR of 11.51% in 2023. As the every statistics shows an extraordinary growth for food delivery apps in future, seek for food delivery app raised greatly and so demand for food delivery app development leveraged.

MacAndro Introduced Feature rich Food Delivery Applications

As there is a huge demand for on-Demand food delivery apps in the market, MacAndro has came upon with an advanced food delivery app to assistance the entrepreneurs who are looking for a Food delivery app to dive into this booming business. Being an expertise in Food and Beverage app development, MacAndro always stands top when it comes to deliver a unique solutions in the on-demand Food industry.

Essential Features of Food Delivery App

  1. Push Notification
  2. Registration & Profile Management
  3. Order Placing and Checkout
  4. Real-Time GPS Tracking of Food Delivery
  5. Multiple Payment Options
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Easy Order Placement
  8. Reviews & Rating

Advanced Features of our Food Delivery App:

  • Discount/Rewards, Cashback and Loyalty Programs
  • Order Tracking
  • Help Center
  • Order Management
  • Location based services
  • Table reservation
  • Kitchen management
  • Delivery Staff management

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