Software Development Trends For The Year 2021

A quick pace in digital transformation has produced a positive effect in all fields of life. Ranging from healthcare, business spheres, manufacturing industries, entertainment, and many more, software development has provided immense growth and development.

The year 2020 has witnessed a lot of changes in software development and 2021 will be no different. Security being the most serious concern, the current year is all set to go for a dynamic software growth trend. Some of the top developments set to fire in 2021 are:

Internet of things (IoT) – Researchers predicted a huge advancement in IoT. This will offer various advantages, enabling a larger data collection for all businesses without losses, hence reducing operating costs. The global market for IoT powered software and hardware is expected to grow by more than 50%. IoT and software development go hand-in-hand and can take productivities to another level.

Artificial Intelligence – AI is an intelligent software that can think like a person. Custom software development solution companies dealing with machine learning solutions are switching to AI to improvise and expand their activities. AI is supposed to become more powerful and widespread in e-commerce, finance, transport, healthcare, education, and entertainment industries.

Ranging from simple calculators to complex computer systems, AI is set to be used in various applications like Robotics, Image/Text recognition software, smart vehicles, machine learning algorithms, etc.

Blockchain – This software tool has been adopted in various areas. It helps in decentralizing digital data, with safe storage of the required information enabling secure transactions without the involvement of any third parties.

Apart from banking and finance, the blockchain solutions are spread over healthcare, logistics, insurance, real estate, stock trading, cybersecurity, and many other industries. Digital currencies like Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins have made a huge impact all over the world.

5G networks – Smartphones are the need of the hour and, as an innovative wireless communication technology, 5G networks provide its users with much-improved services. 2021 will be greeted with more 5G enabled mobile connections, with better mobile broadband services, and faster data transfer speeds.

5G network will be the key highlight this year, as it is a lot better when compared to the old industry standard of 4G. Moreover, the new technology is more promising with increased data security, VR app development like 3D gaming, and other AR enriched applications.

Cybersecurity software – As per predictions, the damages done by cyber frauds may exceed the damage caused by natural disasters. The world is on the edge of cyber attacks and threats, and custom software development companies knowthat the establishment of strong safeguards for data security has to be taken with utmost care.

From big corporate to government entities, and even small-sized businesses, all are vulnerable to cyber theft. Global spending on cybersecurity software in the year 2021 is anticipated to grow by 32%. To prevent frauds, malware, data leakage, phishing, and social engineering, most organizations are forced to invest more in cybersecurity software. The future will come with new ways of protection involving improved protocols, machine learning algorithms for fraud detection, and blockchain solutions.

Centralized Infrastructure with cloud-based technology – Cloud will be the forerunner for the custom software development companies. Becoming stronger than ever during the pandemic, it has been proved that we not only need the cloud for upscale, but for downscaling too. For example, the tourism industry was forced to maintain their expensive data centers, even when there was no business for them at all.

Researchers predict that the Global Public Cloud infrastructure market will see a whopping growth of around 35%, this year. No matter the type and size of a company, they will have to go for cloud migration, sooner or later. Far many companies are moving to a Multi-Cloud strategy, and cloud technology will experience more momentum in the year 2021.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – Websites are easier to access than web applications. But web apps provide broader functionality and better performance. With the help of embracing platform-specific hardware support, the audience can have a full-screen experience, ensuring less data usage and quick loading time. While pages looking good on different screen sizes like phones, tablets, and desktops, PWA becomes a sure hit.

Made to work even offline without the support of an internet connection, PWA is being already in use by many renowned platforms, all over the world. For example, Forbes, AliExpress, Pinterest, Twitter, have adopted PWA technology. Thus, it can be rightly said that PWA software development will be a dominating trend in the year 2021.

Conclusion – Each year passes with rapid new software development trends, and the year 2021 will not be an exception. The software industry is very competitive and to stand along, new software are introduced to make our life easier.