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11 Reasons Why Should Create A Flipbook

Technology has encompassed our daily lives, including books. One of the several different kinds of books is a flipbook, an extraordinary innovation for people who enjoy reading. A flipbook is an interactive, online HTML 5 book that captures the effect of an actual book, specially when you turn pages. Since entering the market, they are replacing conventional PDFs and paper-based documents alike. Not only are flipbooks cost-effective, but they are also trendy in the readers’ community.

If you’re new to the flipbook industry and what to publish your own, you’ve come to the right place. There is now more than one way to become a writer, so why not try your luck with flipbooks. Another feature about flipbooks that makes them so innovative is they’re both sustainable and eco-friendly over traditional books. With the way global warming and climate change are upon us, you may want to publish a flipbook rather than other options. Here’s why you should create a flipbook:

1)    They Are Responsive To All Devices

No reader wants to know that their device is incompatible. This not only dampens their moods but makes them use online platforms less. Luckily, that’s not the case with flipbooks. Flipbooks are accessible and responsive across all devices. Readers can also zoom in or out depending on how in-depth they want to view a page. They can also zoom in on small images in great clarity. For a reader, this is an essential feature since pixelated images and texts ruin the experience.

2)    They Are Easy To Create

If you want to create a flipbook, there is not much to the process, fortunately. It is one of the most accessible and most efficient procedures; most flipbooks take less than 30 seconds to make. Firstly, you need the right software. You start by uploading your PDF and wait for the software to convert it for you. Once you have your book up and running, you can begin the editorial process. You can change colors, add a logo or insert videos.

3)    They Support Videos

We are in an era of interactive content. People want more than plain text. A combination of videos and words can captivate your audience’s attention better. So, when you make your flipbook add videos or moving images, add more attractive content to your book. This is also a great content marketing strategy as you’re providing information and entertaining your audience as you go.

4)    They Hold Visual Aesthetics

PDFs can be boring to look at sometimes; they may not hold any visual attraction. Flipbooks are different in this aspect. You get multiple design options to work with and can test the limits of your creativity. You can indulge in pictures and videos to add more color to your project. Flipbooks also support various formats and sizes.

5)    They Are Easy To Share

For any company, any product that is not easily shared is a source of a significant loss. This is another reason why you should look into making flipbooks. Your work is easily shareable and carries no advertisement costs. You also don’t have to lay down a substantial amount of money on distribution costs, and you can change your publication anytime. Flipbooks are a low-cost solution that you can share on your social media pages or website. A simple link can reach thousands of people at one time.

6)    They Are Secure

Most flipbooks come with security and protection features that allow you to control settings. This means you get to decide who gets to view, download or share your work. You can even enable a password if you wish for only a select number of people to view your work. All of these make for good security, and you can safely create flipbooks without worrying about your work getting stolen.

7)    They Are SEO Optimized

As a flipbook creator, you want your product to land on the top. In a competitive industry, different businesses are competing for more exposure and visibility. Flipbooks come with SEO optimization, which means the minute you create a project, it will automatically settle on a rank. All you need to do is make sure you are hitting all the critical aspects of SEO. This means using the right keywords, page titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions. Make sure your content flows, and add as many images and videos as you can. So, when your product finally goes out there, you may get a favorable ranking right away.

8)    They Give Insightful Statistics

Flipbooks let you keep track of the progress. This means when your flipbook is out there, you can get data on how successful its launch was. You can learn about your flipbooks popularity and what kind of demographic viewed your product. This can help you design a marketing strategy and use the statistical report to make decisions about publicizing your product more. The inbuilt statistics are a great way to stay on top of your product, unlike waiting for the publisher’s report with conventional books.

9)    They Are Portable

It’s not very convenient to carry a large number of books or files when you’re on the go. With flipbooks, you can have multiple files safely stored on your device. This means whether you’re using your laptop or mobile device, you can go through as many flipbooks as you want. Portability also makes for convenience, and that is the number one factor any potential customer looks for.

10) They Tap Into large Audiences

Apart from you sharing your flipbook on various platforms, your flipbook may also make it to popular blogs and websites. This means more exposure for your brand. Link building is a great way to tap into potential users as much as possible. It also requires minimal effort to get noticed through flipbooks. So, if you’re looking into instant popularity, you should look into flipbooks.

11) Anyone Can Create A Flipbook

You don’t need to have a degree to create a flipbook. Whether you’re a student, photographer, businessman, anyone can create one. These are great ways to present your business or your projects. They are fun, interactive, and fascinating to look at. So, it’s no surprise that the flipbook industry is rapidly gaining popularity as a source of content marketing.

Wrap Up

Flipbooks are gaining momentum as the exciting new publicizing resource, and you can be part of the hype. They are easy to create, share and engage with. You get an edge over conventional writers with your interactive product. Flipbooks don’t require an additional degree for you to make them. This means you can immediately get to work and tap into your demographics. They also come with reports, so you’re never left in the dark about how well your product is doing. Finally, you also get a chance to channel your creativity and make a visual treat for your audience. So, why not try creating your flipbook?