Artificial Intelligence

A Match Made in Heaven: Artificial Intelligence & Online Casinos

The rise in popularity of online casinos is a miraculous story. Ever since the first online casino went live in the 1990s, the industry had gone from strength to strength and there has been one thing at the heart of it all, technology.

It is one industry that has never been afraid to embrace the unknown and it has more than paid off. It has become so popular that the internet is now full of online gambling guides and review websites in order to cater for the next generation of players eager to join! If you are wondering about the latest technological advancement to be embraced by the online casino industry, you have come to the right place. The answer, artificial intelligence!

If artificial intelligence has a basic objective, it is to enable computer systems to perform a variety of intellectual tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to, decision making, problem solving, perception and understanding human behaviour and/or human communication. To put this in simple terms, the main goal or benefit of the introduction of artificial intelligence into society is to improve the world. The hope is that it can lighten the workload for humans in a number of industries and also to extend our ability as a species in others. Outside of work, it can even be used to bring people together in a virtual setting in order socialise and celebrate events!

Whether you know it or not, artificial intelligence is already widely used today. For example, every personalised recommendation you receive on streaming platforms or online shopping websites is based on both your previous search engine activity and online purchases. In the future, the hope is that artificial intelligence can replace humans when it comes to performing the majority of repetitive and dangerous tasks in the workplace. This will help further reduce workplace accidents, improve efficiency and free up individuals to undertake work that requires human creativity and empathy. While the implementation of this on a mass scale is still some time away, this article has been put together to outline why the world of online casinos and artificial intelligence are a match made in heaven. So, let’s take a deeper dive!

A Fair Game

One concern many players have when they first play online casino games is whether or not they are fair. Well, the good news is that all online casinos are required to be fully licensed and regulated so once you register with a legitimate website, you have no need to worry.

Furthermore, online casinos are using artificial intelligence to monitor the activity of all their players in order to spot any potential signs of cheating. If anything is spotted, a player’s account is suspended until they have been cleared of any wrong doing.

Personalised Gaming Experience

Online casinos want you to enjoy using their service so a large proportion now use artificial intelligence to collect data. Based on this data, they are able to offer you personalised deals, game suggestions and special offers.

Detect Gambling AddictionYes, online casinos want you to enjoy playing their games but they want you to do so in a safe and responsible manner. In order to do this, they have employed the use of artificial intelligence to spot any signs problematic behaviour as early as possible. So if any player is seen to be demonstrating any such behaviour, the user account will be suspended or blocked and the individual will be contacted in order to be offered help and advice.

So the next time someone is unsure of how artificial intelligence is actually used in the modern age, you now have the ideal explanation!