6 Ways How Technology Is Transforming The Vaping Industry

Vaping has slowly transformed into a lucrative industry with different moving parts. At present, it’s one of the most exciting markets with new and improved products released every other day. The evolution of vaping over the years can be credited to several factors.

However, it’s impossible to leave out technology as a centerpiece for innovations that led to the growth, expansion, and transformation of the early vaping devices. Today, vaping is a phenomenon that has caught fire among the masses. But in no way it means that the industry has stopped evolving.

As technology continues to progress, it impacts the vaping market in different ways. Here are six examples of the transformative impact technology is having on the vaping industry.

1.   Development of Improved Components

It’s difficult not to get impressed when you see the journey it took the vaporizer to get to its present state. What began as a simple device capable of producing vapor without combustion has changed over time into a device that makes users love the vaping experience. It started with first-generation products, followed by second-generation vape devices.

Today, the vaping landscape has Advanced Personal Vaporizers, popularly known as APVs or Mods. Those familiar with the previous generation of vape devices know that the third generations vary from their predecessors in several ways.

Users can now buy cheap vape box mods but get many more features and output than ever before. Some of the additional features that these mods bring to vapes include temperature control and adjustable resistance, among many others.

2.   Increase Personalization of Vaping Experiences

With the displays, anti-leak built, and other features designed to help vapers customize their devices, the overall experiences improved considerably. Today, vapers are becoming aware that you may need more than a large cloud to enjoy your vaping sessions.

The technology has enabled people with different tastes to tweak their devices and e-liquids to the tiniest details. There are DIY e-liquid sites where vapers get to mix their vape juice, purchase, and have the final product delivered right to their doorsteps.

Manufacturers understand the need to allow customers to explore their tastes when it comes to their vaping habits. Hence, they leverage technology to produce vaping components of the highest quality while considering the specific needs of individual customers.

3.   Sub-ohm Vaping

At present sub-ohm vapes are at the cutting-edge of vape technology and make up the most sophisticated devices on the market. Apart from this, sub-ohm vaping usually comprises a coil having a resistance level lower than one ohm.

This is a notable upgrade from the standard vaporizers, which mostly have a resistance level greater than one, lying between1.5 and 3 ohms. It’s necessary to understand that lower resistance levels mean the atomizer of the vape device will heat way after than usual.

And this is one of the distinguishing factors of the sub-ohm vape. So users get more vapor with a more robust taste and throat hit from these types of vaping devices. Without the present technological advancement, such new devices would not have been possible.

4.   Extended Battery Life

Like the smartphone and every other device that relies on electrical power to work, the vape devices of old were greatly limited by their short battery life. Hence, battery improvement is one of the key focus areas of vape manufacturers over the years. As the technology used in making these lithium-ion batteries improved, so did the battery life of vaping devices.

Even frequent vapers who previously found it impossible to buy a modern device that could take them through an entire day can now expect improved versions of lithium-ion batteries. These new types of batteries are more robust and compact, packing a lot more power to sustain prolonged use without constantly recharging.

5.   Wider Variety of Flavors

Perhaps the biggest thing that brought more excitement to the vaping industry is the increased number of e-liquid flavors that vapers can enjoy. Today, flavors exist that taste like favorite drinks, candies, food, etc.

With the endless array of vape juice flavors, everyone is sure to find the type that fits their taste perfectly.  Recent research shows that about 20 000 e-juices and 250 unique flavors are at the disposal of vapers. However, these flavors can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Menthol flavors
  • Fruit flavors
  • Dessert flavors
  • Tobacco flavors
  • Drink flavors
  • Candy flavors

Some specific brands and products are more prevalent in the vaping community than others of these six categories. Although everyone can pick based on their preferences, technology has allowed e-liquid businesses to introduce new flavors and provide better tastes over the years.

6.   Open Device Connectivity

Although electronic devices were first made to operate individually, recent developments have enabled household and work appliances to connect and share information. Today, your refrigerator, smartphone, and car can connect.

The vaping industry isn’t left out of these innovative technologies. Leading vaping companies are in the process of developing devices that allow Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones. Bringing these two together means vapers can access the features of their favorite vaping device through their smartphones.

What more? Valuable usage data about the frequency of vaping, e-liquid consumption rate, and several other relevant information will be available to help vapers make the right decisions about their vaping habits.


It’s worth stating that not all the events that contributed to transforming the vaping industry were direct. Some indirect occurrences like decriminalizing cannabis by the U.S House of Representatives in 2020 also promoted the vaping course. As legislation and technology continue to progress, so will the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing processes in the vaping industry.

The general public is increasingly becoming tech-savvy, which means the demand for more sophisticated vaping devices is rising. This will translate to more features, better customizations, and highly futuristic vape designs that accommodate the end user’s specific needs. Overall, it’s an incredible time to be part of the industry, whether you’re a vaper, business owner, or marketer.