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Start an On-Demand Business by Investing in the Gojek Clone App

Multi-service apps are highly demanding nowadays. Significantly, the Covid-19 pandemic times have made the on-demand businesses flourishing as people keep on preferring to avail services or buy products from mobile apps. From the entrepreneur’s perspective, it is a profitable business as you can have multiple businesses under one roof. So, you can gain more profits by implementing different revenue streams.

Gojek is a Super app that was launched in 2015, offering GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood services. With passing time, this platform offers additional services depending on the customers’ preferences, expectations, and demands. This blog will guide you through Gojek Clone app development. So, continue reading to explore!

Why is investing in the all-in-one Gojek Clone a good option?

The concept of an on-demand multi-service business is a trend nowadays. The main reason behind this is people prefer to use the multi-service app instead of opting for a single app. This is because they can avail of various services from a single platform. They do not have to install multiple apps on their smartphone so as to save storage space. In short, the Gojek clone app is useful for users instead of managing separate apps for different services.

Another predominant reason is the convenience of booking a service. Undoubtedly, people like to use mobile apps for booking a cab, ordering a grocery/food, and other on-demand services. These can be done with almost a few clicks/taps. Developing an on-demand app from scratch is a little expensive. But, opting for the ready-made Gojek Clone app solution is budget-friendly. This solution is packed with the basic feature-set, which is common for on-demand apps.

According to Statista, people in the United States spend nearly about $57.6 billion in the on-demand service economy. In 2019, the on-demand market’s net worth was approximately US $461 billion, which is projected to reach $935 billion in the preceding years. Moreover, Gojek’s annual revenue is $86.6 million.

The above-mentioned stats and facts indicate that launching an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek is a profitable business. Moreover, there are only a few super apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. So, there will be a wide opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs to enter the on-demand economy with a super app. The demand for such apps is skyrocketing. So, why wait? Start a profitable on-demand business with an optimum Gojek Clone app right now.

Salient features of the Gojek Clone app that will attract your target audience

Features define the app’s functionality. So, you have to pay more attention to choosing the features that you need to include in your on-demand app. Providing a user-friendly app will increase the customer base and retain potential customers. Take a look at the most indispensable features of the Gojek like app before you start a business.

GPS tracking

It is a beneficial feature to the customers as they can check out the order status in real-time and determine the delivery person’s location.

On the other hand, a delivery person can use this feature to track the customer’s location and reach on time.

Schedule booking

This feature will let the customers schedule a delivery service date/time according to their convenience. For instance, if the customer is not available at the specified time, they can reschedule the delivery time as per their availability. This seems to be comfortable for customers to choose their service date/time so that they can plan accordingly.

Various payment options

Proffer a broad range of payment options so that the customers can choose their preferred modes for making payments. Providing both cash payment and cashless payment is beneficial for your business. This is because some like to choose the cash payment, whereas many of them would like to opt for digital payments. It includes a credit card, debit card, net banking, and e-wallet. Ensure to offer secure and safe payment options for the customers as you can gain loyal ones.

In-app notifications

Customers get updates regarding the service details via push notifications. Sending notifications helps to improve customer engagement. It includes order confirmation, discounts & offers, and new services.

Live chat

Once the service provider accepts the customer’s request, the customer has the option to communicate with the service provider regarding the service and vice versa. It is helpful for them as they can even clarify doubts related to the location and service schedule.


You can make your on-demand multi-service app available in different languages to provide a better experience to all the users. A multilingual feature is preferable when you want your app to reach a global audience. With this feature, users can use the app in their preferred language.

Quick registration

Ensure to offer hassle-free registration. The quick registration process will help users register with the on-demand app using their email address/phone number. They can even sign up using social media accounts as they do not have to fill in some of their details manually.

Follow the monetization strategies to generate revenue from the Gojek Clone app

Implementing the right revenue models is requisite for any business to generate revenue. In this section, we will see the common monetization strategies that you can consider for making revenue from the on-demand multi-service app like Gojek.

  • Commission fee from the customers

Super app is convenient to use for the customers. They are charged a certain percentage of the amount on availing each service through the app. You can set the fixed percentage for every service. Ensure to fix the competitive pricing, which helps you to get noticed by the customers.

  • Commission fee from the delivery partners

Once the delivery partners receive the request, they will proceed with delivering the order on time upon acceptance of the request. After completion of the service, they will get paid for it. But, they have to pay a specific percentage of the amount as a commission fee to the platform owner. Consider charging a minimal commission from them. If not, you may end up losing existing & loyal delivery partners.

  • Commission fee from business

Since it is an on-demand multi-service app, there will be various service providers and store owners registered with it. So, charge those for every sale they make via the app. You can fix a different commission fee depending on the service.

  • Subscription fee

Offer premium services for only the subscribers. This revenue model allows you to earn consistent revenue by charging a subscription fee from the customers. Including highly demanding services and eye-catching features in premium makes the users pay for the subscription. Moreover, make sure to provide some more additional benefits when they opt for a subscription plan.

Take a peek at the cost structure of the Gojek Clone app development

Developing a similar app like Gojek right from the start is a time-consuming process and so it requires a big investment. Conversely, developing a multi-service app using the Gojek Clone Script is a time-conserving process and needs only a little investment.

Certainly, many factors are taken into account for determining the cost of developing a super app. The features and functionality of the app you choose are major contributing factors. The cost will elevate when you decide to include more features in your app.

The known fact is that time required for app development raises the cost. That is, the more complex the app is, the more time will be required for the development. Then, launching the app on Android, iOS, and the web demands a considerable investment during development.

It is requisite to choose the latest technologies for development to compete with your competitors and sustain in the on-demand market. Using modern technology stack will reduce the chances of technical errors, bugs, issues, and glitches. It will clear the way for you to launch the user-friendly Super app.

Other factors that will impact the cost are the geolocation of the company you choose for app development and API/third-party service integrations. To put it concisely, your business requirements will determine the total cost of the Gojek Clone app development.

Closing words

Hopefully, you get insights into some important aspects of the Gojek Clone app development. If this blog motivates you to launch a similar super app like Gojek, get in touch with a trustworthy mobile app development company or hire professional/freelance app developers who can provide a best-in-class on-demand multi-service app.

Entering the booming on-demand market isn’t that tough in this digital era. Because you can get a tailor-made Gojek Clone app that is pre-built with the general features. Moreover, it is an easily customizable solution and so modifiable depending on your business requirements.