Launch your NFT marketplace on Interoperable Binance Smart Chain

Non-fungible tokens are getting more responses and followers in the crypto space. They have turned the life of many people upside down. They have drawn the attention of many companies, brands, even celebrities sometimes towards them. Their growth ratios are increasing wildly; NFT’s market volume has reached over 2.5 billion within the concise span of 6 months. NFTs offer various opportunities to content creators, artists, and many others to enjoy a space for selling or auctioning their works in a unique way.

Not only are NFTs just used for commercial purposes, but NFTs are also actually gaining popularity at the initial stage by the people who love to collect the collectibles. NFT’s uniqueness and inseparable character stood as strong evidence for the people to prefer NFTs. Now NFT is becoming one large market in the Crypto space., where more than 13k NFTs are sold on average. Building NFT needs a blockchain network as mandatory technology to perform every process that NFT usually does. This blog will explain how to build an NFT Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain Platform.

NFT and NFT marketplace.

Non-fungible tokens are the assets that are assigned with unique values once the asset is converted in NFT, they become indivisible and inseparable. These Non Fungible tokens are indivisible.

NFT has been influencing many targets and general audiences. The presence of NFT has made the industries change the way they were working, NFT on gaming industries made the in-game assets to be accessible outside the game and enabled the owner of the asset to monetize them. NFT in sports industries are making millions of dollars. NFT in real estate and art are making new records in the market.

NFT marketplaces are the space that lets the users make a trade with NFTs by showcasing them on their storefronts. The users can directly convert their assets into NFT in these NFT marketplaces. There are several types of NFT marketplaces based on the assets and the target audience.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance smart chain is a blockchain network that was built to work efficiently with smart contracts. The Binance smart chain emergence is destined to offer very few transaction fees and to support more decentralization in its network. The Binance Smart Chain has an Ethereum virtual machine to support all the Ethereum based applications to provide an efficient experience for the users.

Binance Smart Chain works parallelly with the Binance Chain to draw out all positive outcomes in the result. The transaction capacity from BC and contract functionality are aligned in the BSC give users positive effects. BSC is equipped with many extended features to provide external

Proof of Staked-Authority

Binance smart chain integrates the Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority to make this Proof of staked authority. The consensus mechanism lets the Binance Smart Chain complete the validations process within 3 second block times.

Validator Quorum

BNB takes to elect the validation authority for securing the BSC. The blockchain has 21 validations every 24 hours the BNB stakes will elect them. It has slashing methods to take out adversaries, who try to falsify the validation process.


Though Binance Smart Chain works parallel with BC, the Binance smart chain is built on a different ecosystem where BSC will continue working even if the Binance chain stops working.

Create your own NFTs on BSC

To build an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, there are certain factors that needed to be considered first includes,

Token Standard

Binance Smart Chain has BEP-721 as the token standard that enables the user to tokenize the ownership of the unique assets, and they include digital and physical art, collectibles, games items, physical property.


NFT marketplaces need efficient front-end development to recursively make the people coming to the marketplace. The front-end should be more attractive at the same time. They should be easier to adopt.

Admin panel and dashboard

NFT marketplaces must need the admin panel and the dashboard facilities to make the process more comfortable and user-friendly. The admin panel will be very valuable for managing the marketplaces, and its privileges will come in handy when there are some errors to be mitigated. At the same time dashboard is used to analyze all the growth of the marketplace.

Extended features

NFT marketplace will need additional features such as wallet integration to make a frictionless transaction process. Binance Smart Chain has an Ethereum Virtual machine to run all the Ethereum supported Dapps, and so integrating such features will no longer be a hard-on for Developers.

Advantages of Binance Smart Chain in NFT Marketplace development

  • Aided by Binance DEX
  • Low transaction cost
  • Very high validation speed
  • Interoperable
  • Multi-chain support

Wrapping Up

Building an NFT marketplace with the Binance Smart Chain is the efficient way to launch a marketplace in the NFT space. Binance Smart Chain and NFT integration alone needs high expertise skills, and NFT development will also require high technical stack knowledge. To build an NFT marketplace with Binance Smart Chain, you need to find a perfect technical partner who can work with you efficiently and aid in building a stable and reliable NFT marketplace.