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How To Build An App Like Foodpanda For Rapid Food Delivery

Smartphones revolutionized the way we do everything. To enjoy their favorite meal, people no longer have to travel long distances and wait in long lines at the entrance of restaurants. All thanks to the smartphones and the splendid apps that have made life easier. 

Over a period of time, food-delivery apps have grown substantially. With many innovative features and ideas, upcoming apps will likely make a fortune in the near future. Existing apps have set footprints for the forthcoming entrepreneurs to follow. Berlin-based company- Foodpanda is a leading delivery service for food and takeaway. Its revenue has grown significantly over the past four years, reaching 50.6 million euros in 2016.

How does Foodpanda app works

Foodpanda is a global food delivery app that millions of people have used. The Foodpanda app has revolutionized restaurant service. Among its advantages, this food ordering system allows eateries to provide quick and hassle-free services. The platform serves as a medium between customers and eateries. The app contains appealing pictures of food so that customers will be intrigued.

  • To list out their restaurant on Foodpanda’s website and app, restaurant owners must fill out a registration form along with a small fee.
  • Customers have to visit the app or website and enter basic information such as their address, names, and phone numbers in order to place orders in their favorite restaurants.

Steps involved in ordering food via the Foodpanda Clone app:

  1. Users enter their address location to find restaurants that deliver to their area.
  2. Using the search bar, users can find their favorite dish or restaurant.
  3. Upon selection, Users can add their order to the cart.
  4. Reviewing the same, Users can place their order by paying the bill amount.
  5. Once the payment is successful, the restaurant gets notified about the order.
  6. The restaurant reviews the order and confirms it.
  7. A delivery executive gets notified and directed to the restaurant.
  8. The order is picked from the restaurant and delivered to the user by the delivery person.
  9. Upon successful delivery, the users can rate the food and share their experience with the delivery.

Significant features of an app like Foodpanda:

In order to build an online food delivery app like Foodpanda, it is crucial to develop four apps, each one for customers, delivery executives, restaurants, and the admin panel. Each app is comprised of various features to enhance the user experience.

Let’s see what the app’s features are from the perspective of the customer and delivery executive.

Customer’s app features:

  • Quick Sign-up: Users undergo a quick sign-up process by entering basic details.
  • Browse: Customers can browse the list of available restaurants.
  • Search bar: Users can search for their favorite restaurants or dish using the highly efficient search bar.
  • Multi-payment: A variety of payment methods are available for the customers.
  • Live-tracking: Upon successful confirmation of the order, the users can track their orders in real-time.
  • Ratings and feedback: Post-delivery, customers can share their ratings and feedback.

Delivery executive’s app features:

  • Register: Delivery executives can register by providing the required details and begin their service upon verification by the admin.
  • Choose availability: The delivery person can choose the delivery slot that works best for them.
  • Accept/reject order: Any incoming orders can be accepted or rejected by the delivery executives.
  • GPS navigation: The app directs the delivery person to the restaurant and the customer’s location.
  • Revenue tracking: The breakdown of commissions can be viewed by the delivery executive.
  • Customer contact: The delivery executive can directly contact the customer through the app.

Revenue model: 

Foodpanda generates revenue in a variety of ways such as,

  1. Commissions: For each order placed in the app, a commission is paid to the owner.
  2. Premium Subscription: Premium subscribers can enjoy many benefits and offers, as well as a few advanced features.
  3. Priority Display: Restaurant owners can pay a fee to display their restaurant’s name at the top of the list, which is likely to gain users’ attention.
  4. In-app Advertising: Restaurants and third-party enterprises can advertise in the app for a fee.

An efficient way to build an app like Foodpanda:

Foodpanda clone script is an alternate solution to build an online food delivery app rapidly. The readymade Foodpanda clone app has a quicker turnaround time and offers unlimited features.

Developing a food delivery app like Foodpanda from the ground can cost between $12,000 and $18,000. In contrast, the development cost of clone script is relatively low and is considered the most affordable way.

The Foodpanda clone app can be easily customized according to the requirements. Looking at the demand and rise in online food delivery apps users, it is coherent that developing apps like Foodpanda cannot go wrong. Many entrepreneurs are developing their Foodpanda clone app and are booming in the industry. 

By analyzing the competitors and rectifying the mistakes made by them will improve the user experience. Knowing the market and providing the solution is the crucial action that helps to customize the application according to the market needs.

It is vital to add few additional features to stick out from the existing food-delivery apps such as,

  • Rotating Menus: Restaurants can offer different menus on various days of the week.
  • Repeat Order: Customers can have the option to repeat the past order.
  • Muti-language: Multiple languages play an important role in gaining users.
  • Sort by cuisine: Customers can choose food based on their cuisines’ preferences.
  • Search by ingredient: Customers can search dishes with particular ingredients.
  • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs can be created by restaurant owners for the customers to enjoy.


In today’s fast-paced world, customers prefer food delivered directly to their homes over dining in them. The popularity of online food delivery options such as Zomato, UberEats, Foodpanda, etc., is on the rise. The Foodpanda clone allows you to meet these demands and ensure you don’t fall behind the competition. So stop overthinking and rush to an app development company and build your Foodpanda clone app with a white-labeled solution and soar high in your business within a short span.