8 Recent Tech Revolutions In The Vape Industry

An intangible connection between revolutionary trends and puff technology has transformed the vape world in leaps and bounds. Much to the knowledge of the vintage past, the initial technology used to be basic. Even the direct power output would not get adequately adjusted to the coil.


But what had been a mere mode of entertainment has turned out to be a revolution in a world of connoisseurs. Thus, this post has come up with the possible eight technological revolutions (that are and would be) implemented in this vape universe. Let’s cite the eight examples of recent tech advancements and how they play an integral role in magnifying the experience.

1.   Implementation of Vape Pods


With incessant change and the emergence of newer technologies, pods have transformed in all the right ways. Since the early days when pods were a mere inclusion in vaping, it has played a quintessential role. And much to the knowledge of fans, many things got revised and reinvented in pod technologies.


From being uncommon to becoming mainstream, pods have become a fan-favorite piece of equipment over the prefilled tanks. Although the future is foreseeable, pods are just here to stay. These systems are becoming like tanks, with their larger storage size alongside coils. Some can get used for both pod and mod devices like vaporesso polar mod, while others have a sole function.


In recent times, pods’ usage has considerably grown, especially the ones comprising a tank-like style and using prefilled cartridges. With more vaping devices available in the market today, it’s hard to know which ones have been growing more ‘trending’ and which are just fads that will vanish in no time! But definitely, pods will hold a significant reputation in this vaping sphere.


2.   Durable Devices And Their Trends


Each year, there has to be one technology that blows away others. And durable vaping happens to be one of them. These devices tend to be inferior in terms of durability. But with technologies booming at lightning speed, manufacturers have worked on its longstanding nature.


One can now expect a durable device at a cost-effective budget! Although no device will make your experience get obsoleted, the emerging technologies bring forth newer innovations.


Besides being durable, these devices are technologically advanced, with newer features and functions incorporated into them. Examples of durable devices are vaping pens, pod systems, etc.


3.   Nicotine Salts


Nicotine salts are one trend that can stick around, and for all good reasons. Without the hefty nicotine, enthusiasts can enjoy their experience only with the inclusion of nicotine salts.


In addition, it offers vapors a seamless and solid experience without much nicotine. This turns out to be a perfect bet for those who wish to eliminate or reduce nicotine consumption.


With a shift in vaping technologies and trends, you can say that this trend is here to stick around.


4.   The emergence of Vape Batteries


There’s no doubt that these devices are getting more advanced. With such an innovation, vapors need longstanding batteries. And this is how the discussion about the next trend comes into the picture.


Some vaping devices comprise over 3000 mAh on internal vape batteries. And some even are built with a whopping 4400mAh internal battery. These batteries might feature the built-in protection that ceases overheating.


External batteries are significant additions, but battery manufacturers include safety precautions with features such as high wattage protection, overcharging, etc.


5.   An Introduction to Vape Pens


Vape pens are a fan-favorite amongst adult stoners. Since many people have become pros with their vaping rituals, pens are more attractive and appealing than box mods, vape tanks, and more.


Besides being highly popular and sophisticated, they are affordable. These pens are the most common devices on the recent market. Multiple devices that get sold are vaping pens.


In addition, there’s a slew of such pens ranging from portable to disposable ones. However, all pens are extremely easy to use and affordable too.



6.   Disposable Vape Bars (Built to Last)


Casual vapors aren’t usually bothered with stuff like a bottle of juice, batteries, coils, etc. So, they use vape bars. However, the most common difficulty you may face with these bars is that they don’t last long.


But with the recent innovation in technology, disposable vaping bars are becoming better and superior to the previous variant. They will last longer, besides being relatively inexpensive.


For lazy fans draining the final percentage battery from the devices, it’s great to have one or more of them in your pocket!


7.   Integration of Mobile Application


There are so many applications that guide newbies to help them evaluate the process. Other than that, these applications can resolve complications and queries related to vaping.


From understanding how to mix juice to comprehending the reasons behind making perfect coils, they are beneficial for beginners.


Besides, you can calculate and determine the overall optimal voltage to vape. It is also possible to calculate the coil resistance, surface power, wire length, etc.


8.   Eco-Friendly Offerings


Vaping itself is believed to be an environment-friendly practice that promotes the health of Mother Nature. You can make your coils. While you may think you have the atomizer and mod, even the pod systems have rebuilding potential.


So, this means that besides being eco-friendly, they also save money. The coils also last longer as you can clean them instead of switching over to new ones. And then, there comes the e-juice disposal.


Flavors that you don’t like can turn out to be a great gift. You can use materials that absorb the type of liquid, such as wood chippings, sawdust, or something more straightforward, etc.


Wrapping Up


So, these are the top eight tech revolutions that have taken place recently in the vaping sector. If you think this post has missed out on any plausible or anticipated technologies, you can come up with the same through the comment section below. Till then, let’s see how the space-aged vaping universe transforms into an innovative zone for its fans. Here’s keeping the fingers crossed!