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Why Should Businesses Choose Facebook’s ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that Facebook maintains. We make use of this library on a wide scale at present. Below, we have mentioned why companies should go for ReactJS.

Why should businesses choose Facebook’s ReactJS?

 In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned why some giants such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram depend on ReactJS to a great extent. Businesses choose ReactJS for creating unique, interactive, creative, and user-friendly solutions. It is an appropriate and perfect solution for startups, large as well as small enterprises. Let us look at the various benefits provided by a ReactJS web app development company to create leading web apps.

  1. Extremely effective

ReactJS uses virtual DOM, which happens to be a programming concept where the UI’s ideal state is kept in memory and is merged with DOM with the help of libraries like ReactDOM. In this way, you are capable of building an app that renders quickly and seamlessly. Furthermore, this enables you to create a declarative UI where you indicate the state you would like the UI to be, while ReactJS guarantees that the DOM matches this requirement.

  1. JavaScript library

The JSX syntax happens to be a decent combination of HTML and JavaScript. It is specifically used in ReactJS. The entire procedure of writing components is simplified by JSX, while the HTML factor enables the programmers to render functions easily sans concatenating strings. ReactJS’s significant advantage is that it uses native APIs properly, and therefore, JavaScript allows the stack to work properly across platforms.

  1. Fantastic for SEO

Most front-end frameworks face a significant challenge which happens to be search engine optimization. If there is even one glitch in JavaScript code, the Google bot will not index them. Even though there is a gradual improvement in contemporary frameworks when it comes to SEO, React JS performs quite well in SEO. The server-side rendering will be available to you with React JS Facebook, and Google bots can read the content that is rendered on the app without any problem whatsoever. Moreover, the pre-rendered content will be available to you that can be indexed easily by the bots.

  1. Reusable React components

One more benefit provided by React JS is the fact that it provides the capability of reusing code components of another level anytime. It helps to save considerable time. The components of React JS are isolated, and in case one of them is modified, it will not influence the rest. In this way, you can reuse those components that don’t produce any change to make programming more ergonomic, comfortable, and precise for the programmers if you hire ReactJS developers.

  1. Focused on UI

As compared to Angular JS and Meteor JS, React Native emphasizes the user interface significantly. It provides the users with an interface that is highly responsive with JavaScript interactions between React Native and the device’s native environment. Consequently, this increases the application load time and allows it to keep running smoothly and easily.

  1. Out of box and easy

In React JS, it is quite simple to build expertise. It will be possible to get examples of virtually all sorts of components. React JS can be learned quickly and easily in case you know basic JavaScript and HTML. Moreover, different starter packages can be used by you for quick starting your project. The React JS plug-in should also be installed such that it will be feasible to observe modifications in Virtual DOM while the variables modify. It likewise enables you to debug.

  1. Superior performance

A couple of powerful features are provided by React JS, namely, server-side rendering and Virtual DOM. These features help make the application’s load time quite fast while the UI happens to be seamless.

Virtual DOM is a design example where the UI state is maintained in memory, while the delta of the discrimination is only added to DOM. Since we do not recreate the DOM, it will be quickly rendered by the application.

In SSR (server-side rendering), an entire page will be created on the server while the entire HTML is dispatched to the client rendering it. ReactJS enables you to have SSR, which is especially useful while you create a single-page app.

  1. Powerful community

Being an open-source project, React comes with an extremely active community. There, it will be possible to find proper solutions to every single problem that you are facing. It will also be possible for you to make contributions to the project since it is open-source. There is a FAQ for React JS at StackOverflow. You may likewise come in touch with the Dev React community to verify their solutions and post any problem you face.

  1. Rich set of tools

You will come across different free tools of React that you can use for debugging and sharing your components. It is possible to add React Developers tools in the form of an extension on chrome. You will be able to see every single component as well as its present state. It likewise comes with a profiler that you can use to see the time required by each component to load. A bit is likewise a tool that you can use for creating and sharing the components. React StyleGuide can also be used for creating your UI in an extremely intuitive way.

  1. Simpler to learn

It is very easy to learn React JS if you already know the basic Facebook JavaScript Framework and HTML. You will take only several hours to understand every basic concept out there. It mainly makes use of JSX syntax, which happens to be a combination of HTML and JavaScript.

  1. React Native applications

Facebook has also created a React Native platform based on React JS. As a result, react Native can be used for building mobile apps which are platform-agnostic.

The identical codebase runs on Android as well as iOS platforms. The application functions much faster since it uses native API as well. It will be feasible to start creating React Native apps once you are acquainted with React JS. You will come across plenty of React Native developers who work on application front-end based on React JS plus mobile apps based on React Native.

  1. Quick rendering

While working comprehensively, it is essential to define DOM structure initially. If any variable is modified eventually in the tree’s top layer, each component will be rendered once again. This will be impacting the application’s rendering drastically.

For solving this issue, a Virtual DOM concept was added by React. React JS is accountable for maintaining the UI known as virtual DOM, and following this, it is committed correctly. This will increase the time for rendering to a great extent. Moreover, it will be possible to create server-side rendering where the HTML code will be created on the server, reducing the time for rendering.

  1. Developers productivity

Instead of being designed to be monolithic, React had been designed considering reusability. Because of this, it came up with the idea of components. Therefore, it will be feasible to start by creating basic components, and following this, all of them can be stitched together.

This will enable the developers to work autonomously on every component, thus minimizing dependency. Afterward, all these can be integrated easily for creating the project.

This likewise helps to maintain the code since the entire code will be divided into a couple of modules that will consist of component code. You can also reuse these components.

It will also be possible for the application to import any component required by it. This will help to remove inconsistency amongst different products while the codebase will likewise be small.

  1. Custom components

React JS comes with quite a few inbuilt components such as Radio Toggle, Button, and so forth. However, it provides you with the flexibility of creating your components.

If you’d like to include any style in the present Button, this can be done easily using JSX. It provides you with the freedom of creating an entirely different component. And in case these custom components happen to be stateless, it will be possible even to use these components once again in various projects.

Tools such as Style Guide enable you to create custom components, and for this, there is no need to even write code. You will also be able to share the components within your organization or as open-source.

Leading brands making use of React JS

 React JS has become quite popular and is employed by companies to a great extent for creating their front end. Moreover, because it happens to be open-source, there has been significant development in this framework, with more functionalities added by different companies. Amongst the major companies which use React JS for creating their front-end, mention may be made of Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, and Atlassian.


React JS can be considered to be amongst the most used languages for creating front-end apps. Presently, it has become extremely popular given that it is open-source, and lots of individuals are committing code for enhancing it further. This information mentioned above has provided us with quite a few benefits of React JS. For example, Virtual DOM happens to be the most notable feature of this framework. Therefore, when you plan to create a front-end app next time, it will be sensible to use React JS to do so.