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How to Use Push to Talk (Walkie Talkie) in NuovoTeam

A business’ bottom line is directly impacted by the helm of decisions such as recruiting practices, employee turnover, IT maintenance costs, public relations, etc., that the management makes over time. Among those decisions is one of the most important ones – which communication system should the business adopt for its remote workforce communication and collaboration?

It is no secret that expenditures are associated with each minute of wasted time. An increase in operational costs eventually impairs the profitability of an organization. In most organizations, productivity losses are so significant that the management fails to quantify how much wasted time damages their bottom line annually. Approximately 40% of the workweek is spent dealing with inefficiencies in communication, according to a Siemens study. Due to these inefficiencies, an organization with 100 employees could lose a bare minimum of $524,569 every year. 

The time that the companies waste unintentionally due to unwanted training, blocking websites & tools, providing inadequate technology, unclear directives, etc., can be reduced by investing in a reliable communication tool that offers enhanced productivity and efficiency of the workforces on the field. Businesses can also yield more profits by bridging the gap of inefficiencies and miscommunication resulting in unwanted costs with their workforces wherever their job takes them. 

Push-to-Talk aka PTT app as a medium of communication

Push-to-Talk is an essential feature of two-way radios and other types of communication equipment such as small hand-held radios and Land Mobile Radios. This mechanism sometimes referred to as “press to transmit,” allows the operator to initiate PTT communication with the other participant at the push of a button.

If you are still wondering what exactly a Push-to-Talk app is, the meaning is hidden in the term itself – you push a button and speak. In essence, it replicates the same principle as a walkie-talkie. More peculiarly, with the modern-day Push-To-Talk apps, administrators can create Public or Private discussion groups or channels specific to an organizational mission and segment it in location, shifts, etc, wherein the workforces can instantly communicate across geographies.

Push-to-Talk apps utilize cellular data/3G/4G/WiFi networks covering a wider geographical dimension of network frequency which is otherwise restricted to a limited boundary when traditional walkie-talkie devices are used.

Why do certain industries rely on Push to Talk?

Public safety, security, construction, transportation, and manufacturing, etc. are some of the sectors that have historically relied on push-to-talk as a communication tool. These industries relied on walkie-talkie devices to establish communication with workforces dispersed on the field no matter where they are. Due to the simplicity of usage, Push-to-Talk empowers the operator to not get distracted from their operational duties as well as allows them to communicate with the team simultaneously. 

Moreover, Push-to-Talk enables quick and efficient information dissemination to only those participants who are permitted to hear and be a part of the PTT group. PTT-enabled devices have been a mainstay in environments wherein organizations require the on-field workforce to coordinate with its team members in a time-critical manner.

Why NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk (PTT) is a better option than traditional walkie-talkie devices

With the NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk app, enterprises such as logistics, shipping, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., can improve the productivity of their on-the-field workforce with an integrated suite of features. NuovoTeam enables organizations to track, manage, and monitor their non-desk employees all in one app efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

NuovoTeam extend administrative and team communication features such as:

  • Instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication – Mimic the functionality of traditional walkie-talkie devices on your Android or iOS smartphones and establish instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication.
  • Location Tracking – Track the location of your on-field workforce in real-time.
  • Clock-In/Out – Measure the productive hours invested by your employees through the clock-in/out feature.
  • User management through a unified corporate directory – Consolidate and import all the organizational employees into the PTT app for seamless team communication without the fear of intrusion from outside contacts. 
  • Broadcast channels – Communicate en-mass as well as broadcast alerts and important announcements to keep your workforces connected. 
  • Public and Private channels – Configure Public & Private Channels to meet the communication needs of the on-the-field workforces as per their organizational mission execution needs.
  • VoIP calls – Bolster your day-to-day chronological business communication with VoIP calling. VoIP empowers the workforces to conduct multiple calls, including conference and group calls which are not otherwise available in comparison to traditional communication methods. The collaboration with other employees, management, and business associates is facilitated.
  • Media collaboration – Ensure that the mission-critical business data and documents are available to the remote workforce as and when needed by securely transferring them with Media collaboration.
  • Mobile Device Management integration – Seamlessly integrate NuovoTeam Push-to-Talk (PTT) app with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. No matter if you intend to deploy organization-owned managed devices or incorporate Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, this modern PTT application will cater to meet the mission-critical communication and collaboration objectives of your organization.

NuovoTeam’s Push-to-Talk app can help teams communicate more effectively. The clutter-free interface and easy-to-locate PTT button for establishing ultrafast communication across the organization during mission-critical task execution makes it the perfect tool for team communication. Moreover, it also ensures end-to-end encryption of all the conversations as a bonus.