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How To Export Yandex Emails To Gmail?

Emails have become part and parcel of everybody‘s life. It is widely used both in professional as well as personal sectors. Yandex email is also one of the most useable email service providers among others. Yandex mail was developed in Russia set up in the year 2000. This email service provider also facilitates users with numerous features like any other popular email service provider, ruling in the industry.

However, there could be certain scenarios when a user wants to switch Yandex emails into Gmail accounts. But unfortunately, there is no required information available to the users through which they can easily export Yandex Emails To Gmail. Users have to go through lots of difficulties and thus they start to look for solutions. If you are also in trouble and looking for solutions that can help you, then stay connected with this article. Here, I am going to share some easy techniques that will help users to switch Yandex Emails To Gmails in a hassle-free way.

Migrate Yandex Emails To Gmail

To switch your Yandex Emails To Gmail, there is no direct or manual process. A user has to take help from professional software and perform the task effectively. Different third-party tools are available in the market that claims to transfer Yandex emails into Gmail. But, the DRS Yandex Backup Tool is one of the best options as suggested by IT experts of the industry. This is a fully automated tool and where users are not required to perform the migration task manually. Moreover, it is a very user-friendly tool and comes with an easy implementation process.

The steps that are required to run the software are explained elaborately in the below-listed steps.

1. First Download the DRS Yandex Mail Backup Tool.

2. In this step, you can select a button as per your requirement, from the given four options.

3. Here, you have to sign in . (To sign in, in this step you have to create a third party user app  password)

4. Here, first, let the tool load your account, and then you have to choose the mailbox for which you need backup.

5. After you have selected your required mailbox, choose Next.

6. This is the most important step. Here, you have to choose carefully from the given options. Select the email client in which you want to switch your Yandex email. Choose Gmail to migrate in Gmail account.

7. Here, you have to log in to your Gmail account. But before that remember to log in using a third-party user password.

8. In this step, you have to perform multiple tasks as per your requirement.

  • You can remove your duplicate files here, by selecting the given option.
  • Choose the mailbox data structure maintenance ranking order.
  • To avoid the already migrated emails, choose the skip option.
  • To avoid attachments at the time of migration choose the specific option.
  • Fix your Yandex emails backup automatically by scheduling it in any available option mentioned like, Once, Daily, On Every Week/ Month, On Week/Month Days.

9. In this step, you get an option to filter your emails based on Start Date and End Date. If you also wish to set a custom name in your file then you can do that also.

10. Here, just click on the Convert option and it will start. Wait for a second to switch all your Yandex emails into Gmail.

11. Now, the process is completed successfully and you can download the report for future reference.

With the above steps, the technique to export Yandex Emails to Gmails ends here.

Now a user can very easily access all his Yandex emails into his Gmail account. This tool is a trusted method and offers certain other facilities to its users that make it very unique from other applications.

Notable features of Yandex Backup Tool

  •  The tool is capable to back up your Yandex emails in bulk quantity.
  • The tool allows the users to save the Yandex emails in any file format like PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML, CSV, EML, MSG, EMLX, etc.
  • The tool is fit to run in all Windows Operating Systems like 7,8,8.1,10, etc.
  • The tool offers 50 emails migrations in the demo version for free.
  • The tools allow a users to save PDF attachments distinctly.
  • The tools can easily remove duplicate emails maintaining accuracy.
  • The tools omit the duplicate emails based on To, From, Bcc, Body.

Final Verdict

Here, I have discussed in detail about the easy technique that will help users to perform the export task more accurately and in less time. This software is a handy application that does not require any previous technical know-how. Any beginner or non-technical user can use the tool and get its benefit.