Embed Google Reviews – Show Ratings & Reviews From Google

Before trying out anything new, or looking out for a new place, where do you first land up at? Google’s search engine for reviews, right? Checking out the reviews on Google is the primary thing that comes to mind of most people before taking up anything new.

It is almost like Google reviews is the reputation manager for your brand, because both positive and well-handled negative reviews play a huge role in making your business successful.

But, to be able to reach new places with Google reviews, doing something more is important. Embedding the reviews generated on Google is what you need. As it can effortlessly engage the audience, build brand trust and improve lead generation for your business.

Read the blog to know how you can embed Google reviews and what are the advantages that you can derive from this strategy.

The Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On The Website

1.    Easy Engagement

You can easily engage the visitors of your website by embedding the reviews generated on the website.

When they come across existing users sharing their experiences with the brand, they will be interested to know more about the brand. Thus, working up your user-engagement.

2.    Boosts Credibility

Embedding Google Reviews can potentially improve the credibility of your website and help the users trust your brand better.

The first time buyers are usually hesitant before making a purchase from brands. Here, showcasing Google reviews can get them the ins and outs of past user experience and build trust in their minds.

3.    Improves Website’s Dwell Time

The dwell time of the website gets improved significantly by embedding Google reviews. As the visitors would be tempted to check out the brand and run across the reviews given by the users before making their purchase decisions.

Hence, they will end up spending more time on the website and improving your dwell time.

4.    Enhances Conversions

When your users are better engaged, informed and influenced, lead generation and conversations improve considerably. Thus, working up your scale of operations and also helping you with better market penetration.

But, one thing that needs to be made sure is that embedding only positive reviews might not be as much result-driven as embedding both positive and negatively-handled reviews is.

How Can You Embed Google Reviews On The Website?

You can embed Google Reviews on website in the following two ways:

1.    Self-Embed Method

IIf you only copy and paste the reviews generated on your website, you might eliminate the legitimacy factor from your posts. But, following this way you can embed reviews directly from your business page

  • Sign in to the Google account under which your business is listed
  • Now, load your Google+ business page
  • You will notice a share icon located in the lower-right hand corner of the review
  • Next, click on the three dots appearing in the top right corner of the shared post
  • Next, choose ‘Embed Post’ from the options.
  • Copy the code generated
  • Now, head over to the review page of your website in the preferred editor.
  • Paste the copied code anywhere you want to display the review

Ta-daa! You have successfully embedded Google reviews on your webpage. But the only disadvantage here is that you will have to embed reviews one at a time, which can consume much of your time. Hence, the second method of embedding can be more helpful.

2.    Using Social Media Aggregators

Using social media aggregation tools is a great way to embed Google Reviews generated on Google. Few social media aggregation tools to name would be:

 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a smart tool that can help you embed Google reviews almost effortlessly. With the help of the tool, you can collect all the reviews generated on Google under your business, which can later be segregated to maintain relevance, and also customized to make it worth the attention of the viewers.

Additionally, after publishing the widget you can also check its performance through detailed insights made available to its users. Effortless yet captivating, ain’t it?


Tagembed is yet another powerful aggregation tool that can help you in easily collecting all the reviews generated on Google. Post aggregation, you can customize the feed and turn them relevant and responsive.

Additionally, the tool also provides dependable analytics and real-time update feature, which means you can fetch reviews as soon as a user posts it.

Over To You

Embedding Google review and rating is a smart strategy to build the presence of the business and empower its growth As it enhances users’ trust by making your business more credible in the eyes of the potential customers.

When users trust more, they are much more likely to invest into your brand. Hence, do not let any rating or review given by your user go in vain.