6 Vape Tech Upgrades That You Should Know

The vaping industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. Ever since the first electronic cigarette appeared in the Chinese market, more and more people have started their vaping journey.

First-generation vaping equipment was simple, and there was no ability to customize it. People had cig-a-like basic devices with short battery life and a lack of vape juice options. Second-generation devices were upgraded, but still not quite enough. We are now facing the evolution of 3rd generation products that offer fantastic features and revolution to the vaping industry.

Due to the incredible popularity of vape devices, vape technology is advancing day by day. There are more exciting gadgets and vape equipment that people can buy and upgrade their vape device and vaping experience. Here are six fantastic vape technology upgrades you must know if you want complete control over your vaping session.

1.   POD System advent

Even though box modes appeared with 3rd generation vape products, they are already a bit old. The days are gone when box mode was the best vaping device you could have. The main reason is the advent of the POD system.

While many vape veterans still believe that there’s no better device than box mode, many vape enthusiasts prefer POD systems. These devices are significantly smaller than box modes, making them more convenient and practical for everyday use.

If you ever wondered how to fully and discreetly enjoy your favorite vape juice flavors, the answer is the POD system. They are made to prevent liquid leakage and provide you with a comfortable vaping experience because these devices fit perfectly around the mouth.

You can also carry them in your pocket and charge them quickly with a portable USB charger, no matter if you’re at your office or in the car. The greatest thing about the POD system is that it has a smaller airhole, preventing airflow loss and resulting in a fully flavored experience.

2.   Bluetooth option

We have been able to control various devices in our homes with our smartphones and tablets for some time now, and even the vaping industry has developed smart vape devices.

Even though nobody expected vaping would ever be connected to our smartphones, and some believe it’s unnecessary, many are now switching to devices with Bluetooth options.

With Bluetooth-enabled vaping devices, users can control and monitor almost all vaping activities. Bluetooth upgrades can help you monitor your nicotine intake, alert you to charge the battery, and help you control how often you use your vaping device.

You can also lock the device and prevent other people from using it if you ever lose it or someone steals it. Developers are also working on another useful feature to help users find their vape device if they misplace it.

3.   Voice activation vape devices

As we mentioned, the 1st generation of vape products and devices was simple but functional. Indeed, as the vaping industry started to grow and bloom, people expected more features that could dramatically improve vaping experience.

However, no one believed that we would be able to activate various vape device functions by voice. Well, voice activation vape devices exist, and they are already an absolute hit on the market. This great feature allows users to activate different vape-related functions, like temperature, wattage power, and light.

We’re sure that, at some point, users will be able to activate and shutdown devices by voice, but so far, these are the only functions you can control with voice activation vape devices. If you enjoy the latest technological innovations, you must try these devices.

4.   Improved battery

Although the vape industry has only progressed over the years, it has almost faced user complaints and a big problem. Users have increasingly started complaining about the length of the vaping session, which has greatly influenced the industry.

The cause of this problem was poor quality vape coils and inadequate batteries. The issue of bad vape coils is easy to solve, and it doesn’t take much science. All you need to do is replace the old vape coil with a new one or eventually clean the old one.

However, the battery is the essential component of vape devices, and it needs to work flawlessly. A good battery can extend the coil lifetime and its power. Luckily, manufacturers came up with a solution. They invented batteries with electrical conductors that are stronger than ones in traditional batteries.

You can now buy a vape device battery with titanium and nickel and significantly extend your vaping session.

5.   Sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm devices are a relatively new invention and one of the latest technologies in the vaping industry. They are primarily designed for users who enjoy producing massive clouds. However, sub-ohm devices are more than just cloud producers.

They also have more resistant atomizer coils that go below 1.0 ohm, and they are currently the best vape devices you can find on the market if you’re looking to have the best possible vaping experience. You can also enjoy a direct-to-lung experience with sub-ohm vaping.

Sub-ohm devices are made to provide users with more substantial hits and a more flavored experience, alongside amazing dense vapor clouds. Sub-ohm devices are also an excellent option for people who use nicotine vape juices because they can reduce nicotine intake due to a stronger lung hit.

6.   Vapes without wicks and coils

Most vape devices produce vapor through a wick-and-coil system. The function of the cotton wick is to draw e-liquid from the tank. The liquid is turned into steam by the metal coil, which is wrapped around the wick. The coil is heated up, and it vaporizes the liquid.

It’s currently a standard, and most vape devices have this kind of system. The main benefit is that there is no combustion or harmful chemicals released. However, this system isn’t perfect. In some cases, the wick gets dry, and that leads to dangerous toxin release.

However, now we’re witnessing the evolution of this system. There are new vape pods that use a system with stainless steel blades. They have small tubes that constantly move and heat vape liquid, completely removing the problem of dry-wicking.


We’re living in exciting times. As vapers, we can try out new things every year – the vaping industry is constantly evolving, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.