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Twitter Widget – An Innovative Marketing Tool

We all are aware of Twitter and the impact it can create, right? With 192 million daily active users and almost 500 million tweets per day. It keeps users engaged and, at the same time, it helps to create awareness. No one can deny that it is an impactful website and can help businesses attain more customers by boosting their reach.

If being on the platform can create such an amazing impact, imagine the impact you can create if you can use the platform beyond the boundaries of platforms. And this is where Twitter Widget jumps in; the tool helps you display Twitter feeds on your website and increases the engagement and visuals of your website.

A Brief About Twitter Widgets

You must be wondering what Twitter widgets are? And will be interested to know more about it, right? So here is a simpler and broader explanation:

Twitter widgets are amazing tools that can gather all the posts and tweets as per your desired source; you have options such as – hashtags, Twitter handles, and more. The posts can be tweets, images, videos, etc. So, it can collect all the feed and display it on the website.

One of the other amazing features of the Twitter Widget is you can customize these widgets as per your requirements and add grace to your website. You can select from various designs, templates, layouts, and more to enhance the beauty of your website.

Various tools provide you with the Twitter widget and help you in embedding Twitter feeds on your website. However, we are listing 2 of the best tools that help you provide a dedicated Twitter widget to display Twitter feeds for your convenience.

High-Grade Tools for Twitter Widget

In recent times, there has been great innovation in the field of digital marketing. These innovations have helped businesses to gather more audiences and attain their business goals. Twitter widgets fall under the same category, and these are two amazing ways to get them.

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed is an amazing social media aggregator tool that helps you collect social media feeds from the websites and allows you to curate and customize them before displaying them on the website. It offers a Twitter widget that can help you collect Twitter feeds from your desired source and displays them on your website. Alongside Twitter, it is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms, hence allowing you to aggregate a huge amount of content as per your need.

The tool allows you to personalize your Twitter widget as per your need by changing font size, font color, and more of the feed; also you can choose from various layouts and themes that best suit your style and provide grace to your website.

You can also filter out all irrelevant and unwanted content from your website and maintain the quality of your website. You can either opt to manually remove the post as per your choice or choose for auto-moderation. The tool removes all the content containing provided keywords or even blocks the content from a particular handle.

Moreover, it provides functionalities like profanity filter, custom CSS, analytics, and more, which adds great significance to your website and enhances visitors’ browsing experience.

2. Elfsight

Elfsiht is another amazing tool that provides you with the Twitter widget to showcase Twitter feeds on your website.

It allows you to customize the feed as per your choice and enhance the beauty of your website. Moreover, the feeds are completely responsive and adjust automatically to any device’s screen size and maintain the magic of the feed.

Benefits of Using Twitter Widget That You Might Not Know

So, now you know the widgets and also have an awareness of the best tool. Hence it is time to explain some of the major benefits of the widgets. Although the widget has various benefits, we will mention some of the major advantages that can convince you to use the widget for your website.

1. Boosts the visuals of your website

In this world of digitalization, the website plays an important role for the brand as it helps attract customers and create an impression. Therefore you need to have an attractive and engaging website, and embedding the Twitter widget is an economical and effective way to provide style to your website.

2. Increases visitor engagement

A visitor only stays on the website if it successfully engages the visitor and sparks an interest in their minds. With the help of Twitter widget, you can easily engage the visitor on the website as it shows various tweets and posts that can keep your visitors hooked. And if you opt to display feeds related to your business, it can also help you instill interest in their minds related to your business.

3. Boost website traffic

The competition in the market is fierce and one of the best ways to survive in this competitive world is by attaining brand recognition and that is possible if more people know about your brand. And as mentioned above, in today’s world, websites are the representatives of the brands, and it is important to have huge web traffic on the website to establish a strong presence and brand awareness. As the widget enhances the visitors’ browsing experience and boosts UGC, it helps increase the website traffic and can help you complete your sales objectives.

Ending Note

We all know that competition is ferocious in the market, and we need to utilize all the resources to survive and stay in the race. While many businesses often restrict themselves – by using Twitter within the platform boundaries, with the help of the Twitter widget, you can extract more benefits from the platform. Also, if you are using a WordPress website, then you have a simplified way of displaying Twitter feeds on the website, and that is by using – Twitter feed WordPress plugins. So now, over to you, display Twitter feeds on your website and enjoy the great benefits that it offers.