Latest Upgrades in Midea’s Robotic Vacuum Lineup

The latest product improvements focus on making the housecleaning experience easier for Midea’s customers in the UK

2020 may have seen time spent at home reach levels no one could have ever imagined. Working from home is a concept that is here to stay, inspiring everyone to give their home a much-needed makeover. A robotic vacuum cleaner is an indispensable component of an upgraded home.

Mozbot was frankly shocked at the amount of dust, debris and pet hair our test vacuums were able to collect from our supposedly ‘clean’ floors. Meanwhile, compared to the designs of just a few years ago, the technology has made huge strides to the point that we can now find a solution that will get the cleaning done, easily and effortlessly every day, and the cleaner will never complain while going about the task.

Midea, as a leading global high-technology company, year in and year out, delivered innovative cleaning solutions to people’s life. In the past year, the company has released three products specifically for the European market, including the Midea M3S Robot Vacuum, the Midea I5C Robot Vacuum and the Midea M7 LDS Navigation Robot Vacuum.

Midea M3S Robot Vacuum

The M3S is Midea’s entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner, an affordable assistant with many life-enhancing features: smart navigation and set forbidden areas of cleaning with a virtual wall tool; 2000Pa super suction power, with low, mid, and high-suction level options; 90-minute long-life battery, auto-return & charge. With the M3S, the cleaning time can be scheduled by remote. The anti-drop sensor of M3S will guarantee the robot’s safety when it works.

Midea I5C Robot Vacuum

Midea upgraded the I5C robot vacuum cleaner in May. Besides a 4000Pa super suction motor, and a battery that allows operation for 130 minutes before needing a recharge, the biggest surprise is a floor-mopping feature equipped with a 450ML electronically-controlled water tank. This new function comes with 60 minutes of mopping without needing to add water and no water leakage if turned off. The I5C enables pre-scheduling of the cleaning time and easy monitoring of the process. Last but not least, the I5C enables voice commands for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Midea M7 LDS Navigation Robot Vacuum

As Midea’s best-seller in 2020, the M7 is a high-end robotic vacuum cleaner specially designed for our UK customers. The highlight of the Midea M7 is the Lazer-Direct-Structuring Navigation Technology. This fifth-generation laser technology uses a powerful 3000Hz frequency beam to scan the entire house, up to a distance of 8 meters and sends the data to the MSmartLife App. An intelligent house map indicating the smart cleaning pathways is then constructed, providing users with an optimum cleaning solution. It is worth mentioning that the M7 using virtual walls and editing functions to draw a map of the user’s house makes the process more enjoyable. The user can save maps of different floors. The carpet detection technology allows M7 intelligently and automatically detect and react to carpet then choose to boost the power while vacuuming (please make sure the option is turned on in settings), finding the best cleaning operation for it. The 5200mAh super long battery life allows the vacuum to run for 150 minutes, largely sufficient to clean a 250m² home. An E-controlled water tank and 30 sensors make the mopping smarter. As an upgraded version of the M7, the Midea M7Pro comes with a high-frequency vibration mop, achieving up to 500 vibrations per minute.


Product specifications

From carpets to corners, from wooden floors to marble surfaces, Midea series robotic vacuums have the whole house covered.

Coming soon: Midea’s latest S8+ intelligent auto-dust-collection robot, which liberates users’ hands for up to 30 days with its automatic dust collection station. Let’s see what surprises Midea’s next new product can bring.

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