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Why You Can’t Ignore Marketing Automation in 2022 & Beyond

Effective marketing is the core of any successful business. Without marketing efforts, there is no way to reach your target customers, increase your sales, and grow revenue. Moreover, you need to find a way to beat the competition. 

How do you achieve this when you have piles of errands to finish, back-to-back meetings, and more to pack your 9-to-5 schedule?

ANSWER – marketing automation!

Your customers have high expectations. They want everything at their fingertips. Thanks to their tight schedules, they have become less patient because they can’t wait. Moreover, your customers seek personalization in everything you send to them.  

How do you make sure you fulfill all your customers’ expectations when you’re also packed? 

ANSWER – marketing automation!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to sit back and have reliable and super-fast software so that you don’t get tied up in admin work and can focus on what you do best? That’s where marketing automation comes in! 

Well, by now, you must know (briefly) why marketing automation is critical in 2022. 

But there is more to know what marketing automation can do for your business. 

Irresistible Benefits of Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation allows businesses to optimize their marketing investments and grow revenue faster while saving you time and money.

Generate & Nurture Leads

According to McKinsey & Company, you can automate more than 30% of your sales and marketing activities. These include scheduling appointments, pipeline management, following up, and other time-consuming yet critical lead nurturing activities. 

By automating these activities, you can focus more on creating strategies to generate and nurture quality leads.  


Informed Marketing Process

With reliable marketing automation software, you can map out your customer journey from start to finish. Accordingly, you can formulate unique buyer-focused marketing strategies that make it easier to process your target audience and nurture leads. 

Let us make it clearer:

Customers turn to your competitors if you don’t respond fast (We mentioned that modern customers are impatient).

It means it’s time to rethink your follow-up process and leverage marketing automation to improve customer satisfaction. 

Increased User Engagement with Personalization

Before converting them into promising leads, you need to engage your prospects. And, to engage them, you have to make them feel valuable and special. 

Marketing automation tools help personalize your marketing approach while achieving scalable user engagement. For example, HubSpot marketing automation considers unique visitor characteristics to formulate personalized communication strategies.    

The real benefit is that it keeps your customers engaged even in your absence. All you need is to set things in motion. 

Cost Reduction 

Marketing automation software not only speeds up things and saves time, but gets more done at lower costs. It’s like the software can accomplish what 30 employees can perform manually.

All you need to do is set up your marketing campaigns and the process for lead generation and nurturing. Then, within a few weeks, you’ll be able to send out thousands of personalized emails using simple automated software. 

Final Words: Better Decision-Making with Marketing Automation 

A reliable sales and marketing automation platform helps track your marketing campaigns and forecast customer behavior. 

It delivers insightful data about the performance of your campaigns. Using these insights, you can improve your strategies and make smarter decisions.  

These are the key reasons why marketing automation is important to truly streamline workflows and your business for this age.