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How much time is required for Magento site development from scratch

An expert full-service eCommerce development agency, IT Delight considers Magento the best option for any size business to cover all demands of online shop development. In this article, we are going to dive into how long it takes to maintain a Magento website from scratch. To be honest it depends on many factors. We are going to disclose all the essential steps you need to set up to develop a robust online store. 

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Time for Planning

Effective planning of the development process will result in a far more precise estimate of the project’s timeline. Before Magento website implementation, you have to carefully figure out the detailed plan for the entire process. This involves the client’s needs and business goals evaluation and what functionality you want to leverage. Usually, this step involves from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the company’s size and project complexity. 

Magento Installation

When you have evaluated and got your all ideas prioritized, you can start Magento installation and perform a basic configuration. Magento is a very popular open-source eCommerce platform, but while setting up the process technical issues might arise. Still, it is a simple step, usually completed in just one day’s work.

Theme: Pre-made vs Custom

One of the greatest concerns while developing a new Magento website is deciding between pre-made and custom themes. Yet, the prime mover here is what fulfils your website better, depending only on your needs and budget. The custom theme offers a powerful top-quality solution with complex functionality and specific product configurations. For standard development with a limited budget, Magento offers ready-made themes. Thus, both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Launching a new Magento website with a pre-made theme is fast and effortless due to a ready design. It also provides flexible support, allowing you to fix issues and ensure the effective performance of your Magento solution.  Installing and configuring it will take about 1 day. However, it doesn’t deliver the high-level customization and has limited functionality that your brand might require. 

Custom Magento themes make a new start for your eCommerce solution, which can influence your business beneficially, ensuring all your demands are totally satisfied. Expert Magento developers will build a unique solution tailored to your specific requirements, highlighting the brand’s identity and highly engaging potential customers. However, a custom Magento theme requires more time and money. Custom theme development depends on the complexity and may take months to launch. An expert Magento Development Company will ensure and accomplish the customization and involvement of your Magento site development.

Modules and Plugins

The Magento platform offers robust pre-installed features for the eCommerce store. However, online merchants can effortlessly enhance the platform’s basic functionality, bringing their innovative ideas to life, by customizing the existing ones or developing new ones. Normally, it takes from one to three days for the Magento team to accomplish this step, it involves the complexity and customized features you want to add. 

Before considering the custom module, you have to search for similar plugins on the Magento store website that can be used for your website. Yet, with custom Magento modules, your online store solution will provide buyers with a cutting-edge eCommerce experience, fitting all your business requirements with features like discounts, coupons, and payment options.

Extensions for Added Functionality

Magento extensions help eCommerce businesses create a better online shopping experience, improving the website’s performance and business value. With the help of a rich set of out-of-the-box functionality, Magento extensions can be quickly installed. However, it might be a complex process and therefore there is always the potential for risk. So it’s highly recommended to do it with expert help, who will ensure that everything performs smoothly without affecting your Magento store’s functionality. The time needed for each project is unique, depending on its challenges and requirements. This step can take up to one month.


Before launching a new Magento website, you should go through a sequence of quality assurance tests to ensure it performs as expected and all bugs and errors are fixed. You must double-check that your eCommerce solution is safe, fast, and secure and will give a boost to your user’s online shopping experience. Consequently, proper testing is a top priority that can influence an improved website’s online presence and increase brand recognition and visibility after launch. The QA stage also depends on the complexity of the project and can last up to one month. 

Final Settings and Deployment

Whereas releasing a new Magento site could look like the final stage, it is only another step in your eCommerce journey, ensuring that your new Magento solution meets your business needs and provides you with the ROI you expect. The estimated time for the release of the finished Magento project will take several days.

To Sum Up

EСommerce is a fast-growing sector that has given a boost to the online shopping experience recently. Offering high customisation and boosting product sales and revenue growth with Magento solutions, businesses can reach their target market and audience smoothly and successfully.