Things You Didn't Know Your Android Phone Could Do
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8 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

Without a doubt, smartphones were one of the best inventions of our lifetime. However, the majority of people have phones with bits of software that they are completely oblivious to. Similar…

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Review: Fonerange Rugged Android Phone

As people begin to spend more and more on mobile phones and the technology becomes more and more brittle and expensive to replace, there has been a rising number of…

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5 Most Talked-About Things of the Google Nexus 5

Ever since Google launched the Nexus range of products, we have seen quite a bit of innovation in their phones and tablets. Dual Cores, Quad cores and 1-2 GBs of…

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Apps and Software Opinions

6 Cool Android Apps for When you are Bored

Android has become one of the top successes right from the day it was launched, its triumph can be mostly attributed to humongous versatile apps available in the market for…

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the latitude app

Which Apps Give Away the Most Information About You?

Smart phones have pretty much become life support for millions of people. They’re as portable as your wallet, and their ever-increasing production means you can fulfill your every need and…

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Samsung Galaxy S: Another iPhone 4 Killer?

Samsung’s latest high-power smartphone has attracted a great deal of attention online. The Android-powered Galaxy S is packed with technology and loaded with cool features, giving the Korean tech giant…

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