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6 Cool Android Apps for When you are Bored

Android has become one of the top successes right from the day it was launched, its triumph can be mostly attributed to humongous versatile apps available in the market for almost everything. Apps ranging from productivity tools to freakishly addictive games have made Android as most favorable smart phone and tablet operating system.

While we can go rambling about all the goods of Android all day long, we all have to agree that Android Smart phones and tablets are the gadgets of choice to simply kill boredom. And pertinently there are many Android apps especially designed for when you are bored. So much so, that it becomes daunting to just find few of the best that you can trust to help you devour boredom when you actually need to. So, without further boring you with trifling details let’s head on to this list of 6 Cool Android Apps for When you are Bored.

Angry BirdsLINK

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has too many versions in the market with too many angry birds and angry super powers, which quite explains its fame and eventually the potency to kill boredom. Whether you choose the NASA collaborated Space version or the gory Star Wars HD version, Angry Birds will help you pass the time like a breeze. The basic concept of the game is to get rid of little monstrous piggies with the arsenal of really angry super birds using control, strategy and brute.

Paper TossLINK

Paper Toss

As mundane and boring as it may seem, this game actually is freakishly addictive. It plays on a basic office chore; aim paper balls into the virtual trash bin, well who knew that could be fun. Put your finger and aim precision skills to work, with this simple game that sure is one of the best Android apps for when you are bored.



If you need an introduction about PACMAN then maybe you don’t know what epic minimalistic fun means. This retro game features a simple yellow ball with jabbering mouth that devours little dots in its way. Your job is to maneuver its way till the diet is finished while simultaneously staying away from digital ghosts. On a plus side to its nostalgic counterpart, it has hundreds of mazes, tournaments and supports multiplayer.

Bored? – LINK


As the name would suggest this app is meticulously designed to simply help you during those self-loathing boring moments. The app covers Rage Comics, Funny Ecards, Facebook,Twitter, tons of Free Games, YouTube Celebrities and more all compiled into one simple to use colossally intertwined app.


Audible App

This app is a perfect rescue for reading aficionados and the irony is that you don’t actually have to read books, as the app does it for you. It is fairly easy to use and allows you to listen to thousands of audio-books ranging from classics to best sellers and everything in between. The app is particularly best for when you are traveling, walking or just waiting for an appointment.

TuneIn RadioLINK

Tune In radio App

Despite all the technological advancements, something as conventional as Radio seems to be an ultimate source of quality entertainment. And when it comes to that, nothing beats TuneIn Radio. This app allows you to stream hundreds of Radio stations from all over the world to enjoy music, live concerts, talks, shows, podcasts and a lot more. User interface is brilliant and the overall presentation catches the eye.

There certainly are more Android Apps for when you are bored, but in this post we have only collected the few of the very best. All of them, if nothing else, are worth a try. And if they don’t suite your preferences or if you have any better suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section.