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5 Excellent Apps and Resources for Computer Science Students

Struggling with your computer science studies? From heavy workloads to difficult assignments, graduating with a computer science degree is a tough process that’s often just as dependent on your personal durability as it is your coding skills.

Thankfully, a lot of the late nights and stressful mornings of computer science can be avoided by using some simple apps and learning resources. Try adding one – or all – of these five helpful CS resources to your arsenal for quicker, smarter coding.


Codecademy is a one-stop learning shop for the art of web development. From basic HTML to powerful Ruby and Python development, Codecademy offers useful advice and helpful tutorials for students interested in programming.

While Codecademy is no replacement for textbooks and classroom learning, its large selection of jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby lessons make it the ideal tool for supplementing your computer science training.


Working as part of a technical team? Use the same collaborative development tools as organisations like TED and Appcelerator. Flowdock is a simple collaboration app that makes it far easier to write code and fix errors in cooperative projects.


Just like great athletes warm up before they get on the field, great developers warm up before they start a major project. CodingBat is a giant archive of Java and Python warm-ups designed to help developers keep their coding skills fresh.


Launched in April 2008, GitHub has grown into the web’s largest code repository for open source development projects. The service is simple – collaborate on your code and host projects using the world’s most popular code host.

From putting the blame on authors of bad code to browsing a huge archive of your source code in a syntax-highlighted online viewer, GitHub has the tools to make any coding project go smoothly.

Visual Studio Resources

Are you learning how to use Visual Studio? Get free software, useful tools, and some of the best tutorials on the web, direct from Microsoft. The Visual Studio Resources are completely free, and incredibly useful for computer science students.

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