Hotmail on a cleaning campaign

One of the first thing that any kind of email service company should realize is that if their service gets most of their uses to spend most of their time on the service deleting their junk mail or spam or any of the others then it is about time that the service actually made some changes and addresses the problems that might be existing with the system, because that certainly might drive most of their users away pretty soon. This is in fact one of the problems that the guys at Hotmail have decided to deal with right now so that they can make more of their users stay and of course also attract new ones.

So before people’s inboxes actually start going out of control, Hotmail has decided that they are actually going to do something about it by adding some great new features. What tends to happen with many people is that the unread messages that they find in their inbox is not always all from the real people whose mails they haven’t read and would like to get at, so if they have twenty unread mails, only about five might be the ones that are from real people while the others might be reminders for meetings and the likes. Spam is not actually the problem here, because like most good email service companies Hotmail too has dealt with this kind of a problem where the spam is sent directly to the separate spam folder. But the problem arises when people casually forget to uncheck the box where it says “don’t send me emails” when one visits one of those websites and there are constant never ending mails that are sent to your mailbox that keep getting added to those mails that are yet to be read.

However with the new “Sweep” feature of the email service, you will be able to simply and quickly deny access of these mails to your inbox so that these can not only all be deleted together but you can also put the sender on a block list whereby all further emails from that site will be blocked for your benefit. Then there is also the brilliant “Unsubscribe” feature that you can use with all those newsletters that keep coming to you and with the hitting of that one command you can stop all the newsletters from that particular sender from reaching

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