Pentax K-x- a DSLR camera to suit your budget

As far as the more professional DSLR cameras are concerned, hardly any are as affordable and within budget as the ones manufactured by Pentax are and have been quite for a long time in the market; so while they are excellent are offering customers with good quality and affordable DSLR cameras, you might want to check out their latest model Pentax K-x which is probably one of the best ones that you can buy from the company. In fact you can buy one of these for as less as three hundred and thirty pounds only, however it won’t be the K-x model, that would be the K-m model. The Pentax K-x can be bought for five hundred and ninety nine pounds.

For beginners especially, the Pentax K-x is one of the best DLSR cameras that you can use, and as an entry level camera this is probably the best model in the year of 2009. Among the best features of this camera is that this is a very well built gadget with a very impressive display screen of 2.7 inch LCD which you will find on the rear. As far as the video and image quality is concerned as well, you will find that it is definitely going to meet your expectations; the format that you will be able to record videos in on the camera is going to be motion JPEG AVI.

The image quality of the camera is also satisfactory, very bright and clear images and you can use the sharp lens quality to your benefit and with the vibrant colors and the low noise quality of the images all add to the great features of the camera. However the only disadvantage that you might find with this camera is that there is that there is no white balancing bracketing feature which can usually easily be found in other cameras that fall within this price range.
You will also find that the camera is also very easy to handle, for instance the grip of the camera is pretty large so that no matter how large your hands might be, the camera will not be very slippery for you which is always a problem with cameras such as Olympus E-450.

The final thing that can be said about the camera is that it does take brilliant photographs, the bundled lens is truly of brilliant quality and handling wise the camera also fairs well and so on an overall basis, the camera is definitely one that you should consider as a budget DSLR one.

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