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This is something that has recently been launched in the USA but will surely hit off in other places of the world as well, this is a recent launch of a social networking website called Togetherville and is actually quite different from the usual Social networking sites that we are used to, this one is meant strictly for young growing children. The age group to which this website is supposed to be catering to is the age group between six to ten years old and the aim of the site is to provide a safe website for children of this tender age to use so that not only can they interact with others through this, they can also learn how to find their way around other social networking sites and how to keep themselves safe- this knowledge gained can be used later by them when they shift over to the mature social networking sites later on.
This concept of Togetherville was actually the brainchild of an Indian entrepreneur who wanted to find a way so that his son could share photographs and interact with his relatives and also his other friends so that their family could all keep in touch. However, because of the young age of his son he was sure that Facebook was definitely not going to be the right place for him to start- and in this way Togetherville was developed by him and a team.

The website is meant for children to use but this should be used under the proper guidance of their guardians and parents. Through the website they will learn in an easier and safer way how to find their way around a social networking website and in this space they can play games with their friends and also take part in projects online with their friends as well. Not only that, but even the comments that they make on their friends or relatives’ photographs can be chosen between a group of pre selected comments that have already been approved by older responsible adults when they decided on these comments. This way, every little thing that the children take part in on the website have already been approved and are all constantly checked and guided over to make sure that the children using the website are also learning the right etiquettes and all the right ways of interacting with other people.
The question now is will this actually benefit the children or not. We will have to just wait and see how this new breed of children turn out to be.

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