The latest Sony walkman against iPods

If you want to think for a bit beyond the wall that Apple has surrounded its products in, you might want to give the new Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 a look, for a pretty impressive display of audio and video quality in a gadget. Seriously, the sound quality that you will find in this walkman will any day defeat the quality of sound on any of the iPods. Music lovers will find that there is hardly anything to complain about as far as this walkman is concerned, and by the way this is the slimmest walkman that has been designed by Sony till date. Also, the features of this walkman will also be quite enough if you are looking only for the best in sound and video quality without all that jazz that Apple is often times about.

Among the best features that the music of the gadget is about includes the 16GB memory and also the digital amplifier of S-Master quality, you can also enjoy the Noise Cancellation feature of the device that the music will accompany which makes the sound even more clear. Also, the 2.8 inch display screen which is also LED in quality will be enough for you to view the music files that you store on the device.

You will see that Sony is trying in no way to compete with all the varied features that the iPod touch offers even though many assume that Sony and Apple are always at loggerheads. You will find that the device does not feature a touch screen, any Wi Fi connectivity, nor can you access any application store nor can you play any games on the device either. The features that the device has are mentioned above and they are all of supreme quality even though they might be little in number.

In fact, the best advice that you can receive is that you should purchase this Sony Walkman if you are looking for a music playing device that is also going to be very portable for you to play on the go with very good music quality that you can enjoy, you should however buy the iPod if you are looking for a mini portable computer that fits into your pocket through which you can basically do everything a computer does including playing music occasionally when you are in the mood. The video and audio quality of the Sony walkman is definitely the one that you should be carrying if you love music on the go.

Mozbot Team

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