HTC Smart meets expectations

For those consumers who find that Apple never really is able to keep its word as far as launching the best phones are concerned as they claim, HTC perhaps does keep up its end of the bargain of offering to customers some of the truly best phones the world over at the moment. With their latest release, the HTC Smart the same thing can surely be said.
With the standards that HTC has already set for itself with brilliant phones such as HTC Legend followed up by perhaps the best phone that can be bought- HTC Desire, there was definitely a lot being expected out of this recent release and one can now only wonder whether Smart is going to live up to this, many might already be agreeing with the company’s slogan that they are making popular with this model – “Quietly Brilliant”.

So even though this phone might be one that definitely falls into the Smartphone category, this is also not one of those models which is packed with all the features that you might find in an Apple iPhone or even the HTC Desire, this is a little different from the other power packed phones that are still so popular. This phone is very clearly meant by HTC to be an easy to use smartphone for the average man who will not be needing very smooth and lighting fast processor or any of the other features such as a great applications store etc.

Also, you will find that this phone is pretty affordable especially considering that it is an HTS smartphone and one of the newest entries in the market. Even without a contract, this phone is going to be a pretty affordable buy for everyone. It however looks and feels as good as any high standard smart phone and in many ways in fact looks as good as the HTC Desire yet it is affordable.

The phone is available in black, white and in pink and this one surprisingly looks pretty good in pink as well! The screen that the phone can boast of is 2.8 inches and is not only clear and crisp but it is vibrant in colors and all this for a budget phone it is more than just a good display feature. However, the visuals might not match up to your brilliant smartphone expectations when you are going to use the web on the phone.

The few disadvantages that you will find when you are using the phone is that there is a slight lagging on the on the camera shutter that can prove to be a little irritating, but you must consider the price of the camera. Also the quality of the videos that you record is not very good.

Mozbot Team

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