Nokia X6: No verdict yet

The latest music phone that has been released by Nokia is the X6 which might look great from the outside, but there are definitely some features that the phone leaves wanting for its customers who expect nothing but the best from their Nokia phones. For instance, one can only wonder whether the touch screen of this phone will be good enough or not, usually all the touch screen phones from Nokia of the past have been resistive.

The storage is something else about the phone that is very attractive, the latest update about the X^ newest version is that it is going to have a 16GB memory, which gives an user masses of storage which is a great feature especially on specifically a music phone. These phone will in fact also be made available at a much lower price.

Looks wise, Nokia has kept the phone looking simple and pretty much like an ordinary sliding phone and has a 3.2inch touch screen that is also capacitive, which makes the existence of the physical keyboard practically redundant and the touch screen can be used for all your requirements- that is if the touch screen does function well.

As far as the media features and the entertainment side of the phone is concerned, it is definitely going to be very attractive. As mentioned before, the storage space is literally huge, but not only that there is also a very good FM Radio and the camera is definitely worth a lot of applause- with 5MP and a Carl Zeiss lens- making the phone within its price range worth a lot of bragging.

Many people might actually come to the conclusion that the touch screen and the interface of the phone is actually nothing much more than a gimmick by Nokia and that it will not exactly meet the expectations of their customers. However, as far as the way the interface looks, we can list for you no complaints. The touch screen actually comes without a stylus for which Nokia has thankfully provided keys and buttons on the touch screen that are made to be big enough for fingertips to be used. Also, the screen is 3.5 inches diagonally which makes the screen actually look bigger, in fact it would even look to some to have a bigger screen than the iPhone.

You will also notice that the videos and the photographs that you take actually look pretty great especially because of the glossy screen of the phone which makes these images look bright and clear. One can only wait for consumers to use the phone and list out their complaints if there are any.

Mozbot Team

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