Playstation3 not only about gaming

Here is more reason for you to rush ahead and buy the PS3 if you were looking for other excuses that is, but the latest news that Sony has announced actually gives you a great reason to buy this gaming console, as it will be able to satisfy probably all the entertainment needs in a family- games as well as movies. Recently Sony has announced that they will be adding an all new feature to the PS3 which is going to allow users to stream and download some of the best cult movies and classics of all times.

This service is called the MUBI, and this will allow you to download a whole lot of films. However, the kind of films that the company is focusing on for downloads are more of the independent films rather than the commercial ones that most people end up downloading for light entertainment; these films that are going to be easy to stream and download through your PS3 are going to be of the arty kind, the ones that are given credits and concentrated on in the festivals and the award shows etc. Perhaps this is going to be a great exposure for all the independent film artists and film makers, but if you are a movie buff who feeds off good cult films, then this gives you an awful lot of reasons for getting a PS3 for yourself.

Of course first you will have to download this application- the MUBI through your PS3 but this download is going to be free of charge for you and after you have downloaded this application there are a variety of ways by which you can access all these films that are going to be available for you to download. Sony claims that there will be several such films that will be free for you to download and watch while there will also be others that you can rent and watch making the whole procedure of finding good independent films easier for you, and there might even be monthly schemes that you can subscribe to through your PS3 which will allow you to watch as many films as you want to through the whole month!
The launch of this application- MUBI actually took place in the Cannes Film Festival and the founders believe that their partnership with Playstation will give viewers all over the world the best opportunity to find themselves accessible to the best of foreign independent and even classic films from all over the world. This kind of great cinema can easily be brought to your TV through Playstation which means quality entertainment on your fingertips.

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