T Mobile bags Wildfire too

It has hardly been a few days that the latest edition of the HTC superhit Desire- Wildfire has been released that service provider companies such as Virgin Media and also T Mobile have announced their association with the mobile phone. T Mobile is the latest company that is supposed to be the carrier for HTC and they seem to be pretty excited about this actually!

HTC Wildfire is an updated edition of Desire as it is more slim than the previous one and yet has most of its features which makes it certain that this one too is going to be as big a hit as Desire and T Mobile is definitely looking forward to this. For customers all over the country as well, this kind of an association between HTC and T Mobile will give them the perfect opportunity to own and use an Android phone of this quality and capacity in more affordable prices and without having to pay through their noses.

According to T Mobile, HTC Wildfire is really going to be a hit among those users who need a mobile phone for social networking because this is a phone that is going to serve their purpose perfectly. With features like application sharing the phone makes it very easy for users to share applications with other people so that where the Android market is concerned and the applications are concerned, this can be a really fun phone.

The phone is yet to be released, it is supposed to hit the UK market by mid June and then it will also be available for those looking for the phone with T Mobile. This service provider is offering their customers the HTC Wildfire with a contract which is going to last them twenty four months, so for two years and the contract is going to cost those interested twenty pounds a month. This is actually a pretty good deal considering the cost of an Android phone otherwise and T Mobile is surely going to be able to sell this contract with the HTC phone in tow like hotcakes as the phone is definitely going to spread popularity like wildfire!

However there is one issue that many users around the country has even though this piece of information actually does sound pretty great, that is whether T Mobile will actually be able to provide all their customers with the HTC Wildfire and whether they will have enough of these handsets in stock. As was the case with the HTC Desire, there were many customers who could not be given this HTC model because they were supposed to be out of stock.

Mozbot Team

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