3D to soon be hitting Adobe Flash 11

After Steve Jobs’ criticism of Adobe, they have finally got their act together and announced that they will be adding a 3D API to a later version of Flash. Many people will see this as good news as questions lingered over how the internet would be embracing the 3D takeover. 

Adobe have kept their cards close to their chest about what exactly they’re doing with regard to this 3D API version of Flash, but come 27th of October, John Sebastian Marketsmueller will demo the new product at the Adobe Max conference.

Adobe are obviously quite excited by the new 3D flash version, product manager at the company, Imbert Thibault, said on his blog that “serious stuff is coming for 3D developers”.

As some of you will know, Adobe have shown off some of their 3D capabilities in Adobe Flash Player 10, but these were very limited as would be expected what with 3D not being as potentially big as it is now, which is understandable as there were very few computers around in 2008 with 3D capabilities, but it sounds as if they’re planning on cranking the 3D up to 11 on the scale for the release of the latest version, but as the saying goes, only time will tell.

Mozbot Team

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