The new smartphone-come-tablet from Dell

Plenty of Apple rivals are trying to muscle in on the smartphone market and computer experts Dell are proving no different with their first mobile handset.

The all new Dell Streak is the first attempt at a mobile phone from Dell and one thing’s for certain – it’s a cracker! The new handset is a tablet-come-Android smartphone and with its 5 inch multi-touch screen, you definitely won’t miss it. The Streak boasts the processing power, functionality and the Android operating system necessary to have a good shot at surpassing 2010’s top tablets and then some.

Of course some may call it a tablet, but is it really? Android operating system, 5 mega pixel camera, removable battery, text messaging and voice calling capabilities; it’s an impressive attempt as a first mobile tablet hybrid, and whether you decide to call it a tablet, phone or whatever else, well we’ll leave that one down to you.

The Streak is sure to impress your mates down the pub and probably even your granddad who still hasn’t figured out how to use the VCR after all these years.

Mozbot Team

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Batteries not included.