Popular Smart Phones in 2010

It’s fair to say smart phones are a fairly new product only in the last 4 or 5 years have they really hit off with your average Joe, this is due to the fact that five or so years ago smart phones were more business related and were more often than not big, nasty, bulky things that even your parents would be embarrassed to walk around with.

Nowadays though, smart phones seem to be taking over the telecommunications world! They are more readily available than mobile phones and with contract mobile phones available with good deals like wireless broadband naturally the smart phones are available with free gifts like a free laptop if you go on a certain contract with a certain company.

Modern smart phones, the reason more and more people are attracted to them is that they are now being designed to have all the latest technologies and they more often than not are a shiny new design with a polished or brushed metal finish on them. They all come in different shapes and sizes and some of them come with the most up to date technology on them, like the HTC HD2 for example, you can now watch movies and music videos in high definition on not only your TV but now you’re smart phone!

There are some popular smart phones about now in 2010, what some may call the “year of the smart phone” with all the major phone companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry getting in on the smart phone band wagon you may sometimes wonder what some of the most popular smart phones may be so far this year, with plenty more set to be announced in the coming months, starting with the hotly anticipated Apple iPhone 4 deals set to be released sometime in June or July. So without further ado I bring to you some of the most popular smart phones so far in 2010!

1. HTC HD2

With HTC’s custom user interface layered over the Windows Mobile operating system on the HTC HD2 this makes navigating the 4.3 inch HD touch screen, well shall we say a somewhat pleasurable exercise at times. Complete with a 5 mega pixel camera and the capability to download various different apps from the Android market although arguably not as competent as Apple’s “App Store” as we all know that Apple market the App store with the slogan “there’s an app for just about anything”. But with all these different features the HTC HD2 was tipped to be a top seller before it was even released.




2. Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid is the new flagship device for the Android operating system. It is running Google’s new mobile operating system that is also being used by the Google Nexus One and many other new smart phones on the market. It is a sleek design and it elegantly hides the landscape QWERTY keyboard as it is a sliding phone, it also has touch screen capabilities and it also comes fully loaded with a 5 mega pixel camera and a massive 16GB memory card! Although for you people out there who remember the old Motorola phones used to come with the annoying “Hello Moto” message tone I do not know if this delightful little device will be ruined by the tone or whether it is free from all forms of annoyingness!

3. iPhone 3GS



The iPhone 3GS is what some may consider to be the “daddy” of all the phones out on the market at the minute due to many different factors thanks to Apple’s marketing campaigns for the handset, and with iPhone 4 OS update soon to be released the iPhone 3GS will more or less be a new phone in itself. It comes with many features that a lot of the smart phones on the market also have, so if you have been in your own bubble since say 2007 and haven’t noticed the iPhone or how Apple have been marketing the life out of it you’d think that we’d all be fed up but they keep coming back with something new. The biggest seller of the most recent iPhones is the app store and the fact that they have 200,000 apps available at the push of a button, or should I say the tap of a finger. The iPhone 3GS comes complete with either 16 or 32 GB internal memory and 3 mega pixel camera and a 3.5 inch touch screen. When choosing your iPhone offers depending on where you get it from and what contract tariff you decide to go for the company may just turn round and say “Here why don’t you have a free mobile phone” this may sound all fine and dandy but you should expect to be paying through the teeth for this phone every month.

4. Nokia N8

Now just like Apple, everyone has heard of Nokia and we all know, love and remember the classic 3310 complete with THE mobile phone game of the last century, yep you guessed it, SNAKE! Well Nokia have answered the critics with this corker! The N8, is the first Symbian^3 powered smart phone device and it also comes complete with a phenomenal 12 mega pixel camera and a built in memory of 16 GB with the option of putting a memory in to expand your memory to hold whatever it is you may have on your phone.. say no more. The N8 is available on Vodafone in the UK and is a new mobile phone and is well worth the investment, whatever that may be as you will definitely have your mates pining for a go on it!


5. Google Nexus One

There have been a lot of criticisms about the Google smart phone, critics sayong that it doesn’t live up to what Google made it out to be but it is just the same as, if not better than some of the other top end devices out on the market at the minute. To be fair, it isn’t up there just yet with the likes of the Apple iPhone and some of the new HTC models but it is certainly making its way up to the high standards set by the big boys, lapping it all up in their smart phone glory! It come complete with your standard high end specs that we have come to expect from our smart phones nowadays such as Bluetooth, 3G radio, WiFi a microSD card slot and a GPS receiver (not that you ever get signal when you need the GPS as you tend to be lost up a hill somewhere). Some of the top end specs on the Nexus One are the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor its display which at 3.7 inches falls just short of the HD2’s record breaking screen size and just to top it off Google decided to just bung a 5 mega pixel camera on there for good measure!

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