Samsung wants best smartphone targets

The Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communication, K Shin talked to the reporters in IFA trade Berlin about the increasing demand for Smartphone in 2010. Samsung is all geared up to meet this need with better sales targets. There is such a popularity of the Galaxy S model which is based on the Android that now Samsung has to come up with plenty of amazing smartphone deals to provide the market with some excellent options. Reporters got a better idea of what Samsung has on its mind with new strategies of marketing.

“Our smartphone shipments will easily surpass 20 million units this year, thanks to strong sales of recently released Galaxy S… We expect the number could rise to as high as 25 million this year,” Shin said.

“Galaxy S is definitely opening the smartphone sector for Samsung Mobile… It’s overperforming our expectation,” said YH Lee, who is the head of marketing at Samsung Mobile.

In the beginning of the year Samsung had already set quite an intensive target for itself. They wanted to increase sales pitch to almost 18 million units with their smartphone products. Once the Galaxy S was unveiled more and more people were opting for this popular phone. In fact it has become quite a competition for Apple’s iPad and also the iPhone.

The idea is to let the existing Galaxy S models sell during this year. Samsung is not looking to replace this with an upgraded model right away because customers are definitely making a go for the Galaxy S so it makes sense to let the increasing sales rise.

K Shin also talked about its all new Galaxy Tab product in Berlin which was unveiled. This is Samsung’s reply to Apple’s iPad. This 7 inch tablet PC is quite an amazing product and will prove to be a difficult competition for iPad.

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