Nokia bids goodbye to Ovi files

Nokia has decided to bid goodbye to Ovi files which was the mobile company’s file sharing service. This moves come right after Nokia noticed a very poor subscription process. The mobile company now wants to explore new avenues in file sharing so that customers get only the best kind of deals when it comes to a whole range of amazing services. This also means a variety of different deals and options which will provide the best kind of options and more.

A Nokia spokesman said: ‘Nokia is discontinuing the Ovi Files service, effective October 1, 2010. We want to explore broader horizontal offerings in mobile maps, email, messaging, media, social networks and music.’

The first step taken by Nokia was to send out e-mails to all their existing customers. They were asked to uninstall Ovi Files from the computer and explained the reason for this. Nokia has been using the Ovi files since 2007. This was primarily being used by all customers to keep a track of the different files in the computer. Plugging in any kind of Nokia device would make it a whole lot easier for people to keep a proper tab of all files being used and transferred.

This move possibly came right after Nokia realized that more and more changes were being incorporated into different network services because of the increasing demand for better products. In fact this was quite an important move because customers can now expect only the best file sharing options. The UK mobile phone market has been in quite a change in general with mobile phone and network services constantly bringing about important changes. This is likely to be a very good move by Nokia because it also means that better options in mobile phone services are likely to be provided.

Mozbot Team

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